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A Great Bang-for-your-Buck!

A Review On: Etymotic Research HF3

Etymotic Research HF3

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Pros: Superb balancing, nice soundstage, clarity, outstanding customer service

Cons: wish I would have gotten the custom tips

When considering the wide range of IEMs out there I was fairly perplexed when it came to making a decision, it's the classic "headfiier's dilemma." Nobody wants to miss out. I've owned a number of headphones and the HF3s are your best bet for outstanding IEMs under $200, not to mention their customer service is unbelievably helpful (especially you Charlene!). 


Bass/Fit: There are a lot of reviews saying the Etymotics aren't great at the low end response--it seems they should try other tips to find a better seal. I found the HF3 response very flat (with an almost Grado-like sound signature) that's light and fun to listen to. I've had UE TF-10s (reshelled) and their identical mate the MAudio IE40 which are both considered bass heavy but the HF3's punch and clarity were outstanding. I can vouch that the low-end response increases a bit after burning them in (I use a standard burn-in cd). My only regret is that I didn't snag some of their custom fit tips. I love them with my little iBasso T4 amp even though they also sound nice straight from the ipod (or blackberry in my constantly "on the go" case). The headphone wire is great, I don't know what they did but it doesnt tangle like some of the other cables out there. I do the 3 finger coil wrap and they never get twisted or knotted. The outter shell of the wire is very durable and light. They don't weigh anything and I forget sometimes I have them in. 


Value: I'm a believer in Etymotic. I was a bit skeptical but the comfort and accuracy (with ipod button convenience) won me over instantly. I listen to a wide range of music (and different cans) and have never been taken by surprise--the HF3s are brilliant sounding and don't have that "tiring" effect some IEMs have...you listen to them for a bit and have to stop or change headphones...not the case with HF3. I'd really be curious to see what Etymotic's top end custom fit IEMs sound like...



Bottom line: Fun, accurate, comfortable IEMs that will really blow you away for the price tag. 



1 Comment:

Great Review!
Only thing I am curious about is are you able to wear them over the ear even though it has the mic on it?
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