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A Review On: Etymotic Research EREK-5-BLACK EtyKids Safe-Listening Headset- Black

Etymotic Research EREK-5-BLACK EtyKids Safe-Listening Headset- Black

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Pros: isolation

Cons: everything else

not to insert. to properly insert, you should insert until it reaches your eardrums, if you sense it touches to your eardrums, you should pull it a little back slowly (unless you want your brains pop out). its isolation is great, i can give it that.


if you listen at low volumes and have large air canal, this would have been a deal for $30, if it had not so much microphonics (and you can't wear it cable up configuration), you can listen it at so low volumes (if you stop breathing that is) that you can't believe it, but you probably don't and you have normal air canals, like most of us. i just can't believe these are for kids.


i am not gonna bother to go into detailed sound aspects. they just sound dull. even if juiced (i don't believe you can juice these tiny drivers) i don't believe that they will sound any better. worst $30 spent ever.


You do realize that the high impedance rating is purposely there to prevent a spike of harmful volume, and it is targeted towards kids so that if they were to raise the volume on a standard smartphone or ipad/touch pads, no harm can be done.  Avoid this model if you want a taste of the Etymotic sound.  You need to go up to the HFx or ER4.
Sealed isolation mostly are cons 1. annoyingly high microphonics. 2. pain to insert, fitting fells like eardrum being pushed and pulled, uncomfortable.. 3. can it really tore your eardrum if you insert it strong and fast enough? I'm worried.