Great Commuter IEM

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Pros: Price, Fit, Sound

Cons: I found better, more expensive IEM's

I owned these for years; and they, along with a JDS labs CMOY amp and my iPod, were my daily commute set-up.  They offered everything I wanted in a portable rig; great fit, excellent noise reduction, superb and natural sound.  I liked the small size, and the fact that they were barely noticeable when worn correctly.  I replaced them after a few years with a pair of Shures that sounded even better; but cost 3x as much.

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I would agree with you. I use to have a pair for the gym. They were always blasting music which I didn't care for so I bought the 6i's. They cut out the sound and at the time provided great SQ.  I think they were pretty inexpensive back then, sub-$100.