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Going to get the point and keep this simple

A Review On: Etymotic MC5

Etymotic MC5

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Pros: Great isolation

Cons: Over Priced

These are pretty good IEMs for the average consumer who wants relatively good sound reproduction.  This is the first etymotic product I have owned, and overall I feel that they have fantastic isolation and pretty accurate sound reproduction.  They are not bass heavy, so if you are looking for something such as that, do not purchase these!  The whole advertising for these is kind of gimmicky stating, "The MC5 features 3 band equalized audio performance for the world’s most accurate noise-isolating earphone."  Haha this is no where close to being true, but for other higher-end models of Ety IEMs this could be the case.  The driver is pretty small on these, so you will not be blasting audio at high dBs.  These sound great for Classical, Rock, and pretty much all genres.  Compared to the Monoprice 8320 these honestly are just slightly better, I do not feel that the price justifies the product overall. 

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     Considering that the MC5 is your first Etymotic buy, why don't you take a look at the ER4 variats (P, PT, S, etc.)? They have been considered a legend of sorts because of their popularity as being one of the flattest earphones you can get at that price. 
     Great review, btw, and one that really constitutes a review -- it's your opinion, nothing more, nothing less, and that's what makes it great. Thank you!
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