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A Review On: Etymotic ER-4P Portable In-Ear Earphones

Etymotic ER-4P Portable In-Ear Earphones

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Pros: Neutral tonal balance, very accurate, very detailed sound,

Cons: Comfort, not suitable for bass-heavy music

I own these canalphones twice. I lost my first pair two years ago and I miss their sound so much so I bought another pairbiggrin.gif.


The sound of these IEMs is very neutral and accurate yet without being analytical, the tonal balance is almost perfect.


They are excellent for rock and classical music, but may not as engaging as some other models for Pop and R&B.


In conclusion, they are one of my favorite IEMs. It is very impressive that after over two decades in the market, they still can hold their own ground against to some more pricey and newer models.


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