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estron Linum®


Pros: Super Light, Super Thin/Flexible, Much Tougher Than It Looks

Cons: BaX Variant Holds Possibility of Tangling







The Linum cable is thin (0.9 mm diameter). It is light (3.0 grams).


It uses next-gen materials (Polyether Block Amide [PEBAX] Thermoplastic Elastomer).


It is built tough (60 Newtons of pull).


It comes from Denmark. It has three variants (Music, Vocal, and BaX), each with a different resistance value (1.9, 3.9, 1.4 ohms, respectively).


Most of all, it's just a dramatically different experience from whatever you've ever had...


It looks different.


It feels different.


It's a new age IEM cable.


For the full review, please view the review thread here.



estron Linum®

Linum® cables are manufactured by estron a/s. estron a/s is market leader in wire and cable solutions for the hearing aid industry. The Linum® concept stems from an extensive background in the medical devices industry and over 20 years' experience as an established company. estron a/s has developed Linum® with the following parameters in mind: High Tensile Strength - Robust Design - Low Mass - Best Possible Materials.

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