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Espressivo-E by Feliks Audio Reviews


[PMR Reviews] Feliks Audio Espressivo


Pros: Excellent Build Quality, Engaging & Dynamic Sound, Price/Performance

Cons: Weird Font, High Output Impedance, Certain Pairings

Feliks Audio EspressivoA Foot Tappin', Head Shakin' Tube Amp   | PREVIOUS REVIEW | REVIEW INDEX | NEXT REVIEW | INTRODUCTIONA Diamond In The RoughFeliks Audio is a family company based out of Lubliniec, Poland. Their specialty –tube amps. Many will already be familiar with their fabled Elise, but few may know about its older sibling, the Espressivo. Overshadowed in a sense by its overachieving younger brother, the Espressivo has more or less faded into anonymity. It’s not particularly hard to see why the Espressivo never went mainstream –it is an understated amp with little by way of features or specifications. However, looking past these modest characteristics, one will find an amplifier...
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Great looking and nice sounding amp


Pros: Nice and punchy bass, clear and lively mids, very musical and looks really nice

Cons: Highs are a little bit rolled off (really tiny)

First of all, I'd like to say — Espressivo-E looks really great. Not so many "major" brands makes such nicely looking amps. Great combination of black metal and wood makes amp looks very luxury. It can not only power your headphones, but also decorate your room. Amp build using 4 Sovtek tubes, and does it's best to show main good points of tube sound: lively mids, musical sound and great resolution. Lows are nice, full-bodied and puchy. Highs are little bit relaxed, but I like this, as it makes sound not so fatiguing. Espresivo is a nice companion for most of headphones (except the toughest ones), and even drives AKG K702 really good. It can be purchased from FeliksAudio.pl (makers...
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Best Value for money budget valve amp


Pros: Fantastic value, multiple inputs, organic but not overly lush sound, powerful.

Cons: Stock tubes can actually sound a little harsh up top.

Firstly I would like to thank Lukasz at Feliks Audio for sending me this amp to review, I did not get this amp as a free of charge sample, I had to pay for the unit as I liked it so much I wanted to keep it. I try and write honest reviews. The stock tubes have been fully burnt in with over 100hrs through them.   Gear Used: iPod Classic > Line out > Espressivo> (Marantz PM-44 SE > Mission 702e) / German Maestro GMP400/Fischer Audio FA-003ti with wood cups Dell XPS 15 > Matrix Audio Quattro II> Espressivo > German Maestro GMP400     Tech Specs: Input Impedance: 100 kOhm Frequency response: 15 Hz - 45 Khz +/- 3 dB Power output:...
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Very musical, rich and deep sound.


Pros: Natural balanced overall presentation, deep rich vocals, nice soundstage, good dynamics, solid build, very silent background, no hum.

Cons: Slightly too rounded treble, a bit to loose in bass control with bassy headphones.

Very nice amplifier. Very solid build. Love vocal presentation and rich lower mids. Helps to achieve warm signature with technical headphones like T70 (even with such effective headphones there is no hum..). Perfect partner for HD650. Works good with K701. 3 pairs of inputs make it very versatile machine. Price is rather attractive (about 160 Euro) for the unit made and designed in EU - bergain. Equipped with 4 x SOVTEK tubes.
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