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Epiphany Acoustics EHP-O2 Reviews


Very nice for the money. (and overall)


Pros: Clear sound across the FR, portable(ish - size but battery), drives both IEMs and full size can well. Low noise floor

Cons: you may want RCA-ins when you get it(I did).but portable :D ! Australian wall wart, 2RCA-3.5mm plug and 3.5mm to 3.5mm short interconnects would be g

Pre-Ordered from Oliver (EA) in Oct(?). Received the unit about 2w ago. The bad The volume pot tracking is not very smooth (catches a bit on some positions (tactile feel, not audibly)). (will check whether pot knob gets caught on the case) (edit: yep, that's it, no real quality issue there) To my surprise, the unit does not come with a 2RCA->3.5mm or 3.5mm to 3.5mm .I only had a fairly long and rigid one. I wish Oliver would include at least some cheap interconnects I'd probably also like a small manual explaining what not to do. (e.g. will it explode if I leave it plugged in for a weekend at work, and come back on mon to find my building charred. Or does the charging circuit cut off...
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Best semi-portable for its price and sound


Pros: Excellent workmanship and wonderful amp

Cons: I own only one

    When I first read about this amp, I was skeptic about the sincerity of the  measurements at first, but I had to try it myself after his claims. After preordering, it came about  6 weeks later, and what an amp, I just now knew how wonderful this amp is, esp. with my Centrance LX Dacport, they were made for each other. Music never sounded so good. Natural sounds, beautiful and precise instrument separation, the most important thing is balance nothing overwhelms neither the Bass or the treble, but the mids are really what I enjoy, along with the soundstage, not big but it is there and what a stage! My advice to anyone thinking of getting his first amp, is to...
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Great piece of equipment, highly reccomended!


Pros: Sound stage, clarity, build quality.

Cons: Nothing

Where do I start? Everyone who likes audio reproduction has heard of the Objective 2. Epiphany Acoustics has done a great job of building this amp and I'm a very happy owner!

Superb value & a great all round neutral amp


Pros: Extremely low noise floor, wire-with-gain sound aka you´ll notice new details in songs, made in England, solid build quality

Cons: None at this price, except that it might make you feel bad about some previous purchases, gain even on 1x mode is too high for some sensitive IEMs

What can I say... The amplifier designed by The One Who Cannot Be Named, produced in mass by a new British audio company. I´m not going to cover the design philosophy of the amp as anyone can Google the O2 amplifier page to find out what it´s about. What sums up everything I can say about this particular amp is that I used to own a Benchmark DAC-1 PRE and I´m pretty confident I couldn´t tell it apart from this in a blind test :)   If you are looking for an amplifier with intentional coloration/pleasing euphonic sound, look elsewhere though. I don´t think the O2 succeeds in making all intentionally colored amps obsolete - there´s a space for some of them, but for most people I think...
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What an amp!


Pros: audio & build quality

Cons: Portability & battery life?

Over a period of time I bought a FiiO E5, a CMoy and a FiiO E11, which all raised the soundbar. I bought the O2 because of NwAvGuy's writing.   The amp turned up one and a half month late and initially without an AC-AC power supply. But thanks to good communication with Epiphany's Oliver this was not such a very big deal.   The O2 drives my Audio-Technica ATH-M50 easily. My iPod touch V4 32GB is connected to the O2 with a simple FiiO line out dock L9 connector. Expensive cables are no longer necessary, I assume because of the high input impedance of the O2. I have attached the iPod to the O2 with 2 pieces of sticky double sided foam tape. I have put an old...
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Epiphany Acoustics EHP-O2


Pros: Great sound.

Cons: None.

I have mine and it's fabulous. I imagine especially good for harder to drive cans. Better bass, not just more bass, but tighter and better defined. Better 'air' around the instruments, ie, improved separation. Maybe some golden-eared individuals will do a better review. One poster described sibilance and I definitely do not find that with my setup. I used it with my Cowon x7 and the Shure SRH-940, comparing with and without using the outboard amp. This combination has superb synergy. One needs to spend a heap more money to get even more realism from a setup. ( I should add the the Cowon does a great job driving these cans all on it's own, but it's simply better with the amp). As always,...
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