Great sound and perfect size for a computer desk.

A Review On: Emotiva Stealth DC-1 | Balanced 24/192 Fully Differential DAC

Emotiva Stealth DC-1 | Balanced 24/192 Fully Differential DAC

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Pros: size, build and sound quality

Cons: remote

I recently purchased the stealth dc-1 as an all around solution to my akg k702 annies and emotiva stealth 8 speakers after my desk was getting cluttered with equipment. This device has cleaned my desk up tremendously without sacrificing anything. My main concern when buying the dc-1 was how it would do with my k702s but it powers them perfectly. I came from the o2+odac and the only thing I noticed was the slight bass increase which is fine with me since I'm mainly using them to play games like bf4. One thing I will add is that I have had amazing support from Emotiva as a company. I bought this shortly before the sale started and they were happy to refund me the 200$ it dropped. For 500$, this thing is a steal. My main gripe with the entire system is the remote. Although its completely solid metal, when adjusting the volume, one click only changes the volume .25 and and you have to hold it down for a good second then it changes around 2.00 very quickly. I wish it was more leveled out. I'm either changing the volume very slowly or very fast. Other than that, I find the dc-1 to be an amazing buy.


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