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Emmeline RSA Predator


Pros: Great sound quality, portable, excellent battery life

The Predator is a portable headphone amp with a DAC built in, great for use in the office when I listened to music from my laptop, and connecting to my iPad when I commute to/from work. 


After the initial burn in of about 100 hours, the quality of the audio improved, with great music clarity. After using the Predator, it is difficult to listen to music directly from the iPad or the laptop un-amped...


I am mainly using the Predator with Sennheiser HD25-1-II, Grado SR225i and Monster Turbine Pro Coopers. It drives all three headphones well. 


I also used the iPad/Predator setup to test Sennheiser HD650 and Beyerdynamic DT880 and DT990 (250 ohm). It drove those CANS really well too. 

Emmeline RSA Predator

The Predator is not only a very pleasant amplifier on its own, it also is a DAC. Getting the Predator working satisfactorily there was a bit of hard work, not caused, we hasten to add, by Ray Samuel's mini. The problem was with our PC equipment. Finding a USB port free of noise was not as easy as planned. With modern PCs bristling with USB ports, they are all derived from one source point on the motherboard and depending on the quality of surrounding electronics, fining a clear signal is not easy. With our Windows XP laptop, we found only one port that was devoid of white noise entering the signal. A new Dell desktop running Vista was remarkable quiet on all ports.

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