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Impressive amp, incredible price.

A Review On: Electric Avenues PA2V2

Electric Avenues PA2V2

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Pros: Small and light, punchy bass, long battery life.

Cons: Rather flimsy feeling power switch.

DSC03303.JPGThe PA2V2 was my very first experience with any headphone amplifier. I was not expecting it to make any difference, because the concept of an amp sounded silly to me. My ATH-M50s sounded fine running right out of my laptop, or my iPhone! After just a few minutes, the PA2V2 showed me just how wonderful amplifiers are. I have been rocking the PA2V2 for two months now, and I never leave my house without it.


BUILD & DESIGN: To start off, the build is fantastic. The plastic feels incredibly tough, and can definitely handle months of abuse. The only part I was worried about was the power switch on the top. It doesn’t feel weak or loose, but it’s much thinner than any part on the body, and sticks out very far. The PA2V2 is small enough to put into any backpack or laptop bag, and it’s so light that you’ll never feel it. Unfortunately, it’s too thick to slip in your back pocket. The design of the PA2V2 is exceptionally boring. It’s just a black box. I’m not saying it’s ugly, but it’s definitely not something that takes your breath away from the first sight.


SOUND: The first thing I noticed in the PA2V2 was the colorful bass and lows. It eliminated the muddy “womp womp womp” sound of the iPhone’s headphone jack, and allowed the bass to open up and really shine. Bass drums were punchy, synthesizers tickled your eardrums, and bass guitars were incredibly clear. The bass was punchy and fun to listen to, but never overpowering. The mids were very impressive, and brought out clarity in my music that my laptop could never do. I could hear fingers sliding down strings, loud slams coming from floor toms, and very rich vocals coming from almost any song. The highs were slightly disappointing. They still sounded great, but sounded as if they were coming directly from the iPhone jack. The soundstage was improved, but it would have been great to see the sound opening up a little more.


FINAL THOUGHTS: I could go on-and-on about every small detail about the PA2V2 and scrutinizing every aspect as carefully as possible, but I see no reason to. The PA2V2 a fantastic amp for the price, it’s that simple. I highly recommend the PA2V2 to anyone who owns headphones that cost over $100, you’ll never regret purchasing it.




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