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Electric Avenues PA2V2 Reviews

Positive Reviews


Astonishing PA2V2 Portable Amp!


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Cons: Read review

  Headphone Amplifier Review - PA2V2   A Portable Headphone Amplifier: Introducing the Pocket Amp 2 - Version 2 (PA2V2) - Joseph Kendall Creator and owner: Gary Ali Electric-Avenues.com Price: $60CAD delivered in Canada, Confirm with Electric Avenues as these prices might change with exchange rate and delivery location. G’day follower and Welcome! Preface: I first heard about the the PA2V2 more than a year ago from a friend on the Australia Stereonet Forum (stereo.net.au). Sometime later I had the chance to have a quick listen at a local Audio get together (GTG) which intrigued me greatly. Since then as many of you...
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Negative Reviews

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PA2V2 Video Review


Pros: Good build quality, fantastic battery life

Cons: None

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=55jXzJ-G_X0 Overall a fantastic little amp. I've been carrying it around for a few weeks and there's been nothing to complain about so far. Build quality is definitely there and audio is great for such a small amp. Battery life is fantastic! I've gotten about 100 hours of use every charge.

OK amplifier for low-impedance headphones


Pros: Excellent customer support, good value for entry amp, incredible battery life

Cons: Inverts phase, low-end distortion, not enough voltage for high-impedance cans, DC-offset on output when turned off, channel volume imbalance

I owned two PA2V2 and while it's good value amp, it had far too many flaws to my liking. Gary however provided excellent customer support throughout the whole time.   Ended up with O2 and I'm happy so far.

Sweet/Solid sounding, solid/sweet purchase


Pros: incredible costumer support and service, sound, synergy, battery life

Cons: no crossfeed switch, usb charging circuit nor bass controls

For quite some time that I wanted to get a portable amp that could make the sound more lively, with low noise and still be able to pump enough juice to some more power hungry cans, and PA2V2 definitely suited me.   The amp was used with different gear, so I could check it was a good purchase (aside from all raving reviews) and I couldn't be happier. I listened through Philips SHP1900, SHP2000, Technics RP-F290, Pioneer SE-H33, Audio Technica M40fs, A&H XD-53 and some Numark HF125, plugged to a few computer onboard chipsets, an external Creative X-Fi, Echo Audiofire 2 and NI Audio 2 DJ. The first thing I noticed was an issue many people had, scratching and hissing while...
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PA2V2 - best deal ever!


Pros: Durability, price, amplification

Cons: none

I bought some Beyer DT770 250ohm's that I knew I would need an amp for. Gary was extremely helpful and answered all my questions concerning the headphone working with the amp and which batteries I should get. He also enjoys the photos I send him of my amp with the headphones. I try to take some good shots :).   The length the batteries last, of at least 100 hours, I've never run out of battery life on amp and I've had the same rechargeable batteries in it since I bought it. Sure I've charged them but its a pretty infrequent thing. An A+ amp to be sure compared to the Filo E7 since that is only 80 hours and I am not sure if that battery is replaceable or not. Gary's is :).

Electric Avenues PA2V2


Pros: size, cost, power, value

Cons: none

I read about this portable amp because I was looking for some volume boost when listening to my music on my Samsung Galaxy smartphone. I picked up some Shure 840s a while back and had been burning them in on my desktop listening to my collection. This amp is perfect! I strap it to my phone with an elastic (I'm primitive so far in my rig set up) and drop it in my pocket and wear it around the yard as I work outside getting ready for the summer when I plan to use it extensively. Got it from Bay Bloor Radio in Toronto as it is a short half hour from home, and Alex was the sales guy to see downstairs. Call first to make sure he's got them in stock. With tax, 90 canadian, and you can't beat...
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First Amp, Great Amp


Pros: Amazing sound, best customer support, great entry price

Cons: a little big for perfect portability

I joined head-fi, looking around for replacement IEMs, and found people talking about headphone amps.  After some research, I decided on the PA2V2s and couldn't have made a better choice for a beginner's amp.   I've tried this amp with an iPod nano, an iRiver iH-140 (rockboxed), a Cowon iAudio 9, and a Clip+ (rockboxed), with ER6s, ER-4Ps, and Grado SR80s. The amp warms the sound of the etys, but not to the extent that it distorts their characteristic sound.  I noticed a larger soundstage on the Grados.   But the real treat, with all sources and with all headphones is the increased clarity and solidity of the sound. I was listening to Bill Evan's Trio - Live at the Village...
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Pros: sound quality, unbelievable value for the price, battery life

Cons: no bass adjustment

current use is for watching movies / series on netflix on a nexus 7 tablet , though occasional use with a vintage sony 818 mp3 player.   utterly spectacular analog-sounding output  via koss porta-pro´s , which makes a match to rival much more expensive stuff -  at least the porta-pro´s beat my other headphones , namely shure 530 , and sennheiser 280, which despite similar specs sound thin and lifeless , and gary explains why, and i quote him from an email (one of many always courteous, patient, prompt, unfailing) : "The copper wire that is used to wind the coil for the driver, they picked the right type of copper, thickness, and number of windings for the wire. The mylar...
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Great sound quality, battery and portable size


Pros: Great neutral sound, nice detail and wide soundstage, great battery and price

Cons: Bass boost would be welcome, slightly bulky

This amp has really sound quality , neutral side and wide soundstage . It could have a little more bass with bass boost switch but no complains here since i do prefer a neutral sound to get the natural performance from my iems. Battery is great , i still haven't charged it yet . I like the volume knob it is very easy to adjust . The output could be a little easier to use. For example when using my pk1 it demands some force to put it , and get it out of output . The size is portable but could be less bulkier. These are just very minor details but the conclusion is that for the money , this amp has amazing sound quality , amazing battery life and best of all the best support you can get...
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Great amp!


Pros: Strong minimal efficient amp with long battery life.

Cons: No options to alter the sound (tone control, bass/highs control)

Have had this small amp for a year or two and I use regularly with good sound quality, ample amplification, and satisfying listening through it. Gary, who builds these amps by hand is always ready to answer any query, and that is very re-assuring. Have also other portable amps, such as the JDS Objective O2 (which is my top amp and my very favourite), the Fiio E11, and the Little Bear 2. However, even though the Objective O2 is my favourite for its clean sound, I never have any regrets when listening to the Electric Avenues PA2V2, as it has a very satisfying sound for its asking price, is strong and sturdy, and, at least in my opinion, quite good looking. Battery life seems to be...
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Phenomenal Amp, Unbelievable Value


Pros: Excellent Bass, Easy to Use, Minimal Hiss/Interference

Cons: Edit: A little hard to tell where the battery life is, although it lasts forever.

First and foremost, let me say that Gary (the owner of Electric-Avenues) is seriously the friendliest, most helpful guy I have spoken to in a long while.  He was so helpful throughout the question/ordering process.  He made sure to answer every question I had very quickly, and even preset the gain on this amp for my Grado SR-80s (great pairing, btw).  As for the sound quality, I can not describe it as well as others who have reviewed this amp here, but I can second everything they have said.  This amp does an amazing job of bringing out the detail and resolution in music; I have listened to classical, jazz, techno, vocal, and it has performed quite well with each...
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