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Edition 5


Pros: Fantastic soundstage and separation, extremely detailed, transparent, lightweight, not as harsh as other Ultrasone offerings

Cons: Price, still a tad on the bright side, cable MMCX connectors are not robust, ugly Edition 5 logo on the side

I had accidentally posted on the ED5 unlimited page, my headphones are the ED5 limited ones. I would also like to add that I have tested the unlimited and limited back to back and there is no audible difference.


I purchased the ED5's to be primarily used as a portable headphones that I could when traveling. Sound quality, isolation, and comfort were the main determining the factors.

These headphones were tested against the several of the flagship closed-back offerings before purchasing.  (  Fostex TH900, Audeze LCD-XC, SONY MDR-R7, Ultrasone 10's ) 

I was initially reluctant to purchase these as I was not a big fan of the Ultrasone sound signature. I also thought the "S-logic" innovation they advertised is extremely vague and confusing. However, after spending alot of time testing these headphones against others they proved to be the front runner by a large margin.


They are bit more forward and less relaxed than the Audeze LCD-XCs. However, The sound is much more transparent, more detailed, more open, and much much more comfortable to wear longer term.

The Sony R7s seem a lot less coherent, and much more closed in VS the ED5's. The Edition 10's treble is extremely harsh when cranked up to comparable volumes.


One disappointment has been the MMCX connectors. The headphones started to periodically cut out because of a bad connection. I returned them to the retailer who had the cables replaced. The problem seems to have gone away. 


Overall because of the sound quality and comfort, these headphones are highly recommended.

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Edition 5

Principle: Dynamic / Closed S-LogicEX technology ULE technology Impedance: 32 Ohm Driver: 40mm, titanium plated Magnet: NdFeB Frequency range: 5 – 46.000 Hz SPL: 96 dB Weight (excl. cord): 280 g 2 detachable cords: Black-silver braided high flex cable Short cord: Length 1,5m, with angled 3,5mm NEUTRIK plug, gold plated Long cord: Length 4m, with 6,3mm NEUTRIK plug, gold plated Full metal headband Bog oak ear cups Dark chrome PVD plated ear cup rings Ethiopian sheep leather earpads and head pad Accessories: Cleaning towel Premium case for storage and transport Stainless steel headphone stand High quality transportation bag / slip cover for headphone stand Gold plated adapter 3.5 / 6.3 mm Gold plated adapter 6.3 / 3.5 mm

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