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Nice balanced sound quality

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Pros: Sound quality, comfy low profile

Cons: Microphonics but tame-able with shirt clip, average isolation.

Overall shallow V signature. Bleed- and boom-free bass that's punchy and fairly detailed (not much sub-bass) - just right for me. Mids are a little dry but good detail and vocals are very listenable without being too forward. Highs are crisp and detailed - was bordering on sibilant when new but has developed control from around 25 hours onwards - but would like a tiny bit more sparkle for my taste.


Soundstage is adequate and imaging a little hazy but feels more out-of-head than my previous Senn CX300s and Nuforce NE-7Ms. Isolation is not great - adequate for most conditions but I would imagine on a plane or train I would want more. We'll see when I next travel. As for sensitivity, no problem driven by an iPod Touch.


Feels well built and I like the low-profile... very sleepable. The L-shaped minijack is something that works for me too. Insertion doesn't need much depth for a seal either so that helps with comfort. But the cable is quite microphonic if hanging free although the shirt clip manages to make this a non-issue.


Overall, very enjoyable if you like a shallow V signature and very good value.


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