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A Review On: EarSonics SM3 Universal Fit IEM

EarSonics SM3 Universal Fit IEM

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Pros: Sound, Comfortibility of fit, Sound isolation

Cons: Design, Materials used , Shorting out

After more than a week of research, I purchased these monitors solely based on the reviews I read on this website. Although am NOT a music professional, I do enjoy quality products such as these. Having to wait as long as I did for them to ship to me, out in Afghanistan, was like waiting to open Christmas presents in the morning. I was pretty excited, to say the least.


Upon first inspection, I first unboxed them and saw the cheap plastic that supposedly houses the "magic" parts inside the ear. I was moderately concerned that I might break them or drop them and be out of $350 USD, but I looked beyond it and tried them out.


Next, I go to plug them into my ipod to realize they did not fit as snuggly as I had hoped. They didn't fall out of the ipod or anything, but they didn't feel like they were securely connected, either. I inspected the connection to find more of this cheap plastic being used in the connection assembly. Again, I was moderately concerned that I have spent $350 USD on this "PLASTIC" set of monitors from France, but I looked beyond it and tried them out.

WOW! That was what came out of my mouth when I turned them on. Amazing clarity and satisfaction warmed my soul, and I melted into my music for hours.


Skip forward a week and more than 100 hours of use.


I lift my wrist, slightly moving the braided cable, and BAMM! Sound cuts out of the right ear monitor. Anxiety and slight panic rolls over my body. Have I broken them? Have they become disconnected from the ipod somehow? Were they connected as they should be? No, NO, Yes. Everything was connected as they were when I first plugged them in, but there appears to be a short in the braided cable. I ensure the connections again and give it another go, this time only moving the cable around. Same short!  


Now what do I do? I have discarded the original box, hoping I wouldn't need another set for another few years. Based on these reviews, I felt obigated to share my story with you all and sorrowfully suggest NOT purchasing these monitors.


So... Don't buy them because one in, about 10,000 pairs had a bad soldering job at the plug end?
It happens, ya know? You could have just got them swapped out for a new pair.
haha watch head-fiers come hitting you over the bat now...POPCORN!
PS. Can you not return them or something?
Well, IEM's are iffy to return sometimes(depends on seller). But if they are broken (malfunctioning) there almost shouldn't be a question about getting them swapped.
I was under the impression the SM3 used the same cable as the Westone 3. I've used my W3s daily for a couple of years now and there's no sign of them even weakening at any point, never mind breaking altogether.
The plasticity of components of the IEM is not uncommon, but if it's low-quality that's something to consider. As for the cord, perhaps you just got a dud. I was under the impression that it was a relatively nice cable.
The SM3 has failed for a lot of people, botbyte. It's cheaply made and is prone to breaking. The first version was even worse.
The SM3 was wildly overhyped, perhaps one of the worst examples of hyping the iem forum as seen--and that's really saying something.
the hype was about the sound... people still agree that the build quality isn't great
Pro tip: Never throw away original box at least until warranty is over.

While the SM3v1 was pretty meh on the plastic, the v2 is very much Westone like on the casing and cable. You might just got unlucky.
I'm sort of surprised, the SM3's are supposed to be hand made or at the very least thoroughly inspected before shipped out. At least the V2's have a replaceable cable so you can fix your problem without too much hassle.
Firstly: They may have cut out when you "slightly" moved your wrist, but how much care did you give these in the 100 hours of use before that point? Secondly: the cable is replaceable on the SM3v2. Thirdly: the mistake of discarding the packaging is yours, not EarSonics. Your advising people to not buy these is a bit ridiculous when they could simply get a replacement cable under warranty by keeping the box and proof of purchase.
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