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SM3 V2 Review

A Review On: EarSonics SM3 Universal Fit IEM

EarSonics SM3 Universal Fit IEM

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Pros: Speed Speed Speed

Cons: Feels a little clostrophobic at times

I've been reading a lot about the sm3 having low bass output. These are monitor headphones, designed give a flat response. If you want more bass, simply turn up the bass levels on your equalizer and you will get mindblowing bass.


After a few minutes of fiddling with the equalizer you will realize that it's perfect the way it is.


I really do beleive there is ACTUAL burn-in. Hearing bass-heavy tracks out of the box and comparing it with bass-heavy phones (Panasonic Zirconias with shure triple flange tips), it sounded a little anemic at first. In fact I hated the way they sounded. A month later I did the same comparison and found them to be much better in bass in quality and quantity


The V2 fit is very comfortable. Sits right against your ear.


I've tried a million types of tips but double flange seems to work best (cut the tips off the Shure triple flange).


I've compared these to UE TF10, MTPC, Sennheiser 8s, and none seem to compare.


The only drawback is that it can sound a little "closed in" at times. Ran it through a Cmoy and that seemed to help. I think it would work well when paired with the ALO RX. Gotta start saving up...

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I can't remember my impressions of the SM3 when burning in but honestly I never had a problem with the bass level. Extension was plenty good for most music driven from ipod. My only complaints were a that the SM3 often sounds overly bombastic on material which requires subtlety - a little tilted in the macrodynamics - not really ideal for classical or ambient music. My other gripe was that these are not as coherent as a good single driver over-ear - they were a bit uneven in the detail retreival, tending to have "sweet spots" and "dull spots". Soundstage was quite good given I was using a stock ipod 5gen.
All in all a very musical yet neutral headphone which does little wrong - I really enjoyed the sweet treble presentation and intimate mids - I liked the highs better than those on the Westone ES5. If the SM3 came with better coherency and more even handed dynamics you would have my ultimate IEM.
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