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A Review On: EarSonics SM3 Universal Fit IEM

EarSonics SM3 Universal Fit IEM

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Pros: Balance, transparency, bass impact

Cons: none, really

My IEM journey started with the Phonak PFEs, then to the Sennheiser IE8s, Monster Miles Davis, Ortofon EQ7, and now these. In my opinion, there is no area in which the previous phones surpass these beautiful phones. Bass is there when you need it, and doesn't intrude when not. Those who think Balanced Armatures can't do bass have never heard these. Mids are liquid and extremely enjoyable, and treble is smooth and extended. I am fairly sensitive to sibilance, and have yet to come across anything that bothered me yet. The main thing is that these do not impose a sound signature on the music, and really let you hear how your source performs. Those seeking a more "exciting" sound can adjust their amp/DAC/EQ accordingly, and those who have a neutral source and want a neutral sound will get exactly that. 


Isolation is about average for an IEM, depending on the tips being used.


Despite the not-so-round edges on the phone, they are very comfortable, and fit very easily into my ear. Those with smaller ears may have more trouble.


If I were to nitpick, the cord from the y-splitter up to the drivers is perhaps a little short. This renders the plastic tube that adjusts the length fairly useless. As it is, however, the length is just right for me, and needs no adjusting. Also one user, who may just be terribly unlucky, has managed to break them twice. Once when the casing split, which has since been addressed by Earsonics, and once when using custom tips and the sound tube broke off inside. I am still waiting on my custom tips to come in, but I think it's best just to be extra careful. They are just plastic, after all.


While time will tell if these are slightly overhyped at the moment, I am confident in saying that they will appeal to most people. Perhaps more flaws will start to rear their ugly heads in the coming months, but at the moment, listening to these has left me with no desire to upgrade.


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