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Not incredible, but a good all-rounder with very few faults.

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EarSonics SM2 v2

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Pros: Tonal balance, well rounded presentation, smooth but detailed sound

Cons: Build quality, slightly loose bass, nothing really stands out; no available mic cable for Westone style pins, weird sproing sound

I grabbed these as a lightly used demo unit for sale on Amazon. Total steal for $110, but I would've paid $150 for them.


I was looking for an upgrade to my SE215, and these are it. The bass is tighter and has better control, the midrange and treble are more detailed, and it doesn't get over-warm like the SE215. I actually prefer it to the SM3 personally; while its a hair behind in detail and the bass isn't quite as satisfyingly tight, it's about 95% the same sound, and doesn't get overly intimate or "weird" sounding like the SM3 did; I swear I spent so much time switching the cables around on my SM3, reading up on polarity, etc. because it just sounded WEIRD! Something about the presentation was just off. Anyhow, the SM2 doesn't do that, and although it might be just a touch behind in terms of detail and bass depth/control, overall I am fine with the sacrifice because it is much easier to listen to and sounds more realistic in general. I am really enjoying them. I find the SM2 to be a nice balance between the UM3X and SM3, although not as detailed as either: it is balanced, neutral, and easy to listen to like the UM3X, though not built nearly as well, and more spacious sounding like the SM3, though it is generally still intimate-sounding


Unfortunately the build quality is garbage, just like the SM3. Same uber-cheap dollar-store-toy plastic with shoddy construction; they make a weird "sproing" noise any time something taps them or when I take them in and out. It's really odd because the left side makes a lower/deeper "sproing" than the right side. So sketchy. Really wish they would just source parts from Westone or Shure and be done with it; they already good sound, and I'm sure if they switched to the new Shure-style coaxial connectors and used sturdier materials, they would rise in the market very quickly. But, having climbed their customer service ladder and spoken with someone with "director" in his title, I feel pretty certain this will never happen, because he was nothing but dismissive when I very politely brought the quality of their construction under the microscope. It's a real shame, because the sound is solid for the price.


Overall I am happy with them at $110, and would have grudgingly shelled out $150 or so, knowing now how they sound. I'd still prefer Westone build quality, but for $110, given the sound quality, it's acceptable.


An update: removed the filters, and some of the "earsonics veil" is gone: the bass has a smidge more punch, and the upper mids are less smoothed over. Definitely worth the $10 for the ety filter removal tool.
for the sproing sound, mine is the exact same, the left side makes a lower/deeper "sproing" than the right side.
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