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EarSonics EM32


Pros: neutral , balance, details, soundstage, dynamism

Cons: better extension in highs

this IEM is made in order to restitute exactly  NATURAL SOUNDS !!!! don t expext mega bass , facing mediums ,  or heavy highs presence!  

EM32 draws what the record and mix has done and NOTHING ELSE........ so when the record , mix , DAP ? AMP !! is top so you obtain MAGICAL SOUND AND EVEN MORE!!!


the infra are sometimes magnifik,   and so on for mids and highs ,    soundstage has a level of OPENHEADPHONES (hifiman he500..by example.) and circle shaped, sounds are very well placed in this circle space!


it s a pleasure to use this IEM like an audiophile or musician on stage


cons: extension in highs could be better ( for me a little possible upgrade)

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EarSonics EM32

Made for gigs but perfect for an audiophile use, the low end is very impactfull and organic, mids are EarSonics house sound but recessed in comparison with its brothers, and highs that are realistic, laid back and extented.

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