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Excellent value

A Review On: DUNU DN-13 Crius

DUNU DN-13 Crius

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Pros: Price, Design, Build quality, Accessories

Cons: Heavy weight

There are already great reviews done by others and since I'm not exactly an audiophile I will just list the things I like and dislike about these and ultimately what made me buy them, rather than an analysis of their sound quality.



1. Low price (!)

2. Small design, so I can listen to them while I go to sleep

3. Great build quality: the housings themselves are metallic and the splitter seems to be metallic as well. There's a tie attached which can be used to safely wrap them up

4. Lots of accessories gives a good impression, even if you don't care for them



1. Due to being metal they are quite heavy which may be irritating

2. The splitter doesn't prevent the microphonics from below

3. Some of the extra tips don't seem to fit onto the phones. The default tips work the best for me anyway. The outer tip on the biflanges is too thin to hold its form (it always bent back when I tried putting it in my ear)

4. First out of the box they smelled pretty bad but the odor was gone over night



1. If you look at the picture you can see the housing opens up more toward the tip. The benefit to this is that it's less prone to falling out and there's less pressure against your ear (which I especially like as it makes it very comfortable when I'm going to sleep with the side of my head against the pillow). However the downside is that you can't insert it as deeply. For me the positives of this design outweigh that as they still seal/isolate well

2. They are lacking in bass without using an equalizer, but with an equalizer the bass is vastly improved without taking anything away from the rest of the sound


For $30 (minus $4 shipping) I can't think of a better pair of IEMs considering price to performance. Hopefully I won't have to worry about them breaking with such a sturdy build but there's a one year warranty if they do.


$30? Where did you get them from?
Well it's a few dollars more with shipping but I got it from Amazon
"janthony72" he's an official DUNU retailer and has them for $30 (minus shipping)
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