A quick review of the DUNU DN-22M Detonator

A Review On: DUNU DN-22M Detonator. Headphones earphones

DUNU DN-22M Detonator. Headphones earphones

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This is a quick review of the DUNU DN-22M Detonator. 

I've never heard of DUNU until a few months ago. I was always curious about their IEM so when I got the DN-22M I was very excited. 

The DN-22M comes with an abundant of accessories for the low price of $45-$50.






The DN-22M comes with plenty of tips and accessories. I like the little detail they put into this IEM.

  • DN-22M 
  • Hardcase
  • Pouch
  • Clip
  • 7 pair of tips





The DN-22M is well built, it feels solid and look great thanks to the metal construction and gunmetal chrome finish.

The cord is about 4 feet and is on the thin side and microphonic is not the best. The 45 degree 3.5mm plug works well on phones and mp3 player with recessed headphone jack due to big aftermarket case. The microphone works well and my wife didn't have any problem hearing me. The cable management strap is a very nice touch










I've always had issue with earphone comfort and fit. It's hard for me to get a good fit and if they fit in my ear canal than it become uncomfortable after a few minutes. With the DN-22M I didn't have much difficulty getting them to to fit. Surprisingly the default tips was a perfect fit for me, I didn't have to insert them in deep like other earphones I've tried. I'm pretty sure the provided tips will work for most people. Isolation not the best, with the music off I can hear people around me.


SOUND Quality:


I decided to use my Samsung Galaxy Nexus for this review since it was the picture of my gnex that got me this review sample.

I'm a basshead so bass is important to me. Using my normal bassy tracks from Master P and Zapp and Roger the DN-22M delivers good clean lows with good impact, it never feels lacking in anyway. The mids are very good, vocals sounds good and natural. The only negative is the highs. At low volume it is very enjoyable but when you turn it up it become ear piercing, especially when listening to dubstep. This can be fixed with EQ but for those who are sensitive to highs and don't have or want to EQ this could be a problem.




DUNU did a lot of things right with this earphone. The DN-22M is a very good, very well built, and very good sounding earphone for not a lot of money. It's come with a generous supply of tips and accessories. The DN-22M should be at the top of the list if you're in the market for a low price earphone.



I would like to thank Rocky for sending me the DN-22M. Due to an ear infection this review is long overdue. This is just a quick impression/review. I will add more to it at a later time


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