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Dunu DN-2000 ( So Close )

A Review On: DUNU DN-2000 Hybrid 3 way earphone

DUNU DN-2000 Hybrid 3 way earphone

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Pros: Clarity, Transparency, Surprisingly detailed bass

Cons: Treble which lacks extension

As there already four reviews I shall keep this one short and sweet.


Initial impressions: Holy cow! Accessories galore, beautiful balanced sound and more accessories.


The sound has grown on me over the months and actually changed my sound preferences. Overall these are what I would call neutral but not necessarily natural. The flavor consists of dry, clean, transparency with a bite of lemon.


Treble: In a nutshell basically the treble is very detailed but doesn't quite have the extension to reach its ambitions. It can be very sharp at times with a bad recording and prone to sibilance with the wrong tips and spacers. I find it a little brittle and forced but timber is pretty good and it tries its very best to throw as much detail at you as it possibly can. 


Mids: Wow this is one thing I love so much about these iem's. Clear and transparent I wouldn't call them forward but they certainly aren't recessed and with a slight volume boost can be brought forward to your own liking. Coming from the Fischer amps Fa-4e XB I suddenly realized what I had been missing all this time, emotion ! Although the mids can be a little thin at times with the right track, ear tips, spacers and volume the mid range can become highly addictive as you get caught up in each instrument and listen to vocals shining through their pronounced transparency and emotion into your ears and into your heart. The 2000s have made me rethink what I like most when listening to music and the mid range whilst not quite perfect has shed some light on what I love most.


Bass: Surprises is what the Dunu offer in the bass department. I am a self confessed bass head and although I would not call these bass heavy by any stretch they have this innate ability to just slam, bang  and rumble when awoken. The bass to me is almost perfect, ask me about eight months ago to listen to these and say that statement I would have laughed in your face. But then again preferences change and these have altered my thinking, I now know music doesn't have to be clouded with a heap of artificial bass to sound musical. It's a pleasure to listen when the sub bass kicks in it always reaches deep with such great quality and texture one can only really expect from a dynamic driver.    


Sounstage, Instrument Separation: Where to begin this is kinda a mixed bag on a good day these things have a great soundstage, well placed not entirely three dimensional but fairly encompassing shines with some good trance tracks :wink_face:. I don't know how to fully articulate this part of the sound signature as it really varies from track to track all I will say is width is great but over all height could be improved for a more holographic sound. These do posses the skills to separate instruments very well and present the music in an airy manor giving each instrument its own personal space to breath.


In conclusion I find these to be an incredible bargain for the price. If you're after a balanced iem with great transparency and great sub bass just get these and be done with it. There are areas where I feel like things could be improved but this is a touch more subjective rather than objective.


Warning: Do not pull the grey wings to hard back as I managed to pull the back piece of my earphones off, whilst still fully functioning its not recommended you do this I almost cried thinking I had broken them, although nothing a bit of super glue can't fix ha.


Gear used: Clas Solo-db + Duet + Balanced interconnect.  Tips, spacers used: Finally settled on the blue spacers and foam tips due to overall comfort and isolation. 


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