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DUNU DN-12 Trident Reviews

Positive Reviews


DUNU Trident, A Fantastic Budget Option


Pros: Build quality, quality to price ratio, packaging

Cons: Microphonics when worn down

      I would like to thank Rocky of DUNU for the chance to review the DUNU Trident IEMs.   Pros: Build quality, quality to price ratio, packaging Cons: Microphonics when worn down   Packaging     The DUNU Trident came packaged in a familiar looking box, those who have either the Crius, Ares, or Hephaes will notice similarities. A rather large white box presents the users with a picture of a female dancing and the Tridents. On top the DUNU logo appears, on the bottom the model name. There is also some writing in Chinese, though I do not read Chinese so I'm not sure what it says. On one...
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Negative Reviews


Bad Build Quality


Pros: Rich Clear Sound, Price , Design

Cons: Build Quality of the cables

This is my first review here.  What I want to say is this is the best headphones I have ever owned. ( I know they are in budget range,still they are the best I could afford)   So I took care of them like my babies, never let them tangle or anything. I go on buses and trains a lot and most of the time I wear them are as latter mentioned places.   I bought these from ebay with original Dunu warranty for 1 year. After 8 months the left earpiece stopped working, contacted Dunu and got a replacement.  But after 4 more months, the cable seems to break from the corner of the metal earpiece. :(   really disappointing with their cable quality. other than that...
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More Reviews


Good inexpensive solution


Pros: rich packaging, build quality, price, design

Cons: lacking bass sometimes, narrow scene

First of all I have to mention overall packaging and design. They're looking extremely rich. Earphones themselves also looks great and unusual. As for sound quality - I'd say that it's OK for the money asked for them. Sound is clear, with nice mids and height. Sometimes bass lacked punch, but it depends on recoding mastering. So money/value - it's a good choice.

Excellent at its price


Pros: Great clarity, punchy bass. For the definite basshead, and people new to the audiophile community.

Cons: Bass may be too overpowering.

I'm no pro reviewer, so I'll leave this to the rest. First Impressions: Blew my mind. Never knew that something this cheap could sound this good. Accessories are aplenty. Comes with a leather pouch, alot of eartips. (5 spare sets of different sizes.)   However, I feel that this is a great competitor to the CX300II, at a cheaper price too.

Pretty nice


Pros: Build quality, looks, sound quality

Cons: cable, sharp edges, no mic

I have own the Dunu tridents for about 4-5 months, and about a week about, the left ear suddenly stopped working. I left them on my desk for the weekend, no spills, or anything touching them. Now i did dunk them in water about 2 months ago by accident (tl;dr hung on my neck and fell into my cup or water), but they worked fine after that until now. I tried drying them by putting them near a heater but that did nothing. I bought them from ebay, so maybe that plays a factor. Overall, i would recommend them if they lasted a bit longer, but they were pretty cheap, so, i don't know.

DUNU Trident--Smooth and Sensual


Pros: Build, enveloping sound

Cons: Accuracy

  Ladies and gentlemen, I have found my new favorite budget IEM. Most recently, it was the MEElectronics CW31 with its warm woody sound, but it has been dethroned by a new challenger. What’s the catch? It really doesn’t do anything technically perfect. If that’s so, why is it so good in my opinion? Well, honestly, I DUNU, but the DUNU Tridents just…work. Wait! I can explain!   But first, the readers always need some appetizers before the main course. The packaging of the Tridents is quite nice, but it’s way too similar to the Turbine Pro packaging than I’d like, mostly because the DUNU packaging is so much cheaper-feeling than the Monster version. However, one has to...
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Trident VS Hephaes Review


Pros: Tonal Balance,Mids,Laid Back,

Cons: Upper Treble Extension, Detail

About I'd first like to say that these headphones are about $30 so I will be writing this review based on the performance in its price range. I'm doing this because it would be unfair to compare these to headphones in a higher price range. I would also again like to thank DUNU for allowing me to test these as part of a giveaway! As always DUNU offers shipping that deserves mention. How they get packages from point a to point b so fast I have no clue its magic. Appearance and Accessories The packaging was definitely better then I expected for a pair of in ears in this price range. Shipping as I've mentioned is top notch. The packaging is nearly identical to the DN-16 hephaes,...
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