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Dunu DN-1000 Reviews


Very musical and well balanced tonality when paired with eartips from the JVC FXD series IEM


Pros: Musical and well balanced tonality. One of the best IEM with the most balanced and realistic tonality, for my sonic preferences.

Cons: Requires 3rd party silicone eartips (JVC EP-FX8) to sound best.

Hybrid 3 ways: 2x Balance Armature + 1x 10mm Dynamic driver http://www.dunu-topsound.com/DN-1000.html     I was a bit disappointed with DN-1000 when I tried it out of the box. The treble was a bit metallic with the stock silicone eartips. The first few weeks with DN-1000, I used foam eartips, Comply T-500, that smoothen the treble, made the DN-1000 sounds very open and airy, but a bit lacking in bass. Until I did some experiments with more eartips, and found the silicone eartips from my JVC HA-FXD80 give the best sound and tonal balance for my DN-1000. Treble from the foam eartips & bass from the silicone eartips. Best of both worlds. It was a very happy moment, and I...
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Paulus XII

Dunu DN-1000 REVIEW - Audiophile Sound Under 200€


Pros: Deep, tight bass, Liquid mids, Superbly refined treble, Separation, Micro-detail, Transparency, Dynamics, PRaT

Cons: Non Removable Cable

  (photo taken from the internet)     Specs:   Driver: 1 Dynamic + 2 BA Hybrid | Imp: 10Ω | Sens: 98 dB | Freq: 16-22k Hz | Cable: 3.9′ L-plug     About me: I'm a Musician, Producer and Audiophile stuff lover for over 25 years. I've developed ear training since I was a kid learning piano and later with singing lessons. Producing music is also a good exercise. So yes, I can say I'm a music aficionado and love portable audio. When I hear something special I have a need to share my experience with others, so here I am trying to be as objective and straight to the point as possible. Hope you enjoy my reviews.      As usual, directly...
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DUNU DN1000 - Immensely Capable Hybrid IEM


Pros: Sonics, soundstage, bass!, build quality, overall design, value, accessories

Cons: Weight, nozzle design (no lip), cable hardens over time

Introducing Dunu's DN1000 Hybrid (dual BA + single dynamic) IEM   I've been lucky enough recently to start reviewing for a few IEM and ear-bud manufacturers.  After reading other comments and reviews on Dunu's latest flagship (the DN-1000 triple driver hybrid), and communicating with Rocky from Dunu, I got my chance to listen to this wonderful product recently. They arrived a little over three weeks ago – and in that time I’ve logged a lot of hours with them (in fact they've been my IEM of choice).  I’ve listed price at  USD $215 (current Amazon price at time of writing) – however this is not what I paid for them (they are a review sample). ...
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Dunu First Hybrid!


Pros: Amazing Well Balanced Sound, Great Build Quality, Nice Accesories Pack

Cons: Large and heavy housings

Full review here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/699630/review-dunu-dn-1000-3-way-hybrid       Sound: This is the main part of the review, and the most important for every audio gear. Dunu's house sound usually leans towards to either the warm and smooth, or bassy signatures. Even their single balanced armature based IEMs were more mid-centered with rolled-off highs and lows. Knowing this, I had my worries about the result of the DN-1000 tuning. Why? It's simple. For their first hybrid earphone, Dunu chose one of the best (and of my favorites) Dual BA driver on the market, the TWFK, which is known by its extreme brightness with amazing hyper detail and ultra high speed,...
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My first chinese earphones: Sounds better than earphones and headphones twice its price


Pros: Fun V-shaped sound, bass transients/impact, detailed highs, clear midrange, pinpoint details in wide soundstage

Cons: No removable cable, high sensitivity=noise when plugged into laptop, Cable quality, Midrange is thin sounding

Excellent sound quality. I can't find any fault with these except for the fact they have no removable cables. The DN-1000's put to shame any IEM under $300 currently in the market right now. Highly recommended.   Note: If there are really two versions of the Dunu's, I think I got the "China" version of the DN-1000's instead of the international version as the treble is very extended.

Wonderful Sounding Hybrid


Pros: Bass, Separation, Soundstage, Overall Sound, Accessories

Cons: Cheap Inside Box, Non-detachable Cable

Dunu has been in the audio industry for a while now as an OEM/ODM supplier but only recently have they started making earphones for themselves. A lot of their IEM models are metal and they have quite a reputation on Head-Fi, many reviewers praising their lower end models for their awesome build and their value for money. Anyway, recently Dunu introduced a new model into their product line, the DN-1000, and that is what I will be reviewing today. The DN-1000 is their new flagship and costs just over $200 and is the model above their previous flagship, the DN-19 (Tai-Chi).       It all started when Dunu generously arranged a giveaway on Head-Fi which I entered and...
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Absolutely Fantastic!


Pros: Excellent clarity & extension. Musical, exciting presentation (U-shaped tuning) with sparkly treble and thundering bass.

Cons: Bass can sound a tad loose if you are used to tighter-sounding headphones.

I've been looking for a good pair of portables to complement my ATH-EM9d (which are nice, but they provide no isolation and they lack bass, which meant they aren't suitable for many genres or movie-watching). Ideally I wanted something I can travel with that would isolate the cabin noise on trains and airplanes. I already own several full-sized cans and have never enjoyed dragging those around when I travel, so I started looking into IEMs.   After reading an extensive number of reviews, I narrowed down my choices to the Xiaomi Piston 3, Yamaha EPH-100, and the Dunu DN-1000 (I know they each belong to very different price tiers, but I wanted to know how big the differences are in...
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Solid choice for an under-$200 iem.


Pros: Gorgeous, cohesive, sound. Strong Bass, but not overpowering. Crystal clear highs.

Cons: On the heavy side for an iem.

I stumbled upon these a few weeks ago while searching for a pair of "under $200" iem's that weren't as bass heavy as my Bowers & Wilkins C5 S2's are. My search has ended with the DUNU DN-1000. This is just a fantastic all around iem. Best in price range clarity mixed with deep bass extension that is not over done or bloated. Thank you! Finally an under $200 iem that has a fun/warm, but BALANCED sound. I love "V" shaped iem's and headphones as much as the next guy, but there is a time and place for everything. When the situation calls for a nicely balanced, yet slightly warm sounding iem, that you don't mind taking on the road with you, these fit the bill nicely.   Pros: -...
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Excellent sound but poor comfort


Pros: sub-bass, well-rounded v-shaped IEM, accessories

Cons: weight, size, isolation, sub-par packaging

My setup: iBasso DX50 --> Dunu DN-1000   Packaging Yes the accessories in the box are plenty. But the cloth material used for inner box and metal case is poor. The black dust from the cloth sticks to the tips and i don't expect to clean it religiously everytime i take it out the case. Thank God the for the pouch.   Build The shell is huge. And heavy. I had a Shure SE215LTD and i sold it off after merely two weeks partly due to the comfort factor. DN-1000 also unfortunately has the same issue. I am currently using blue ring and long form tips to put some distance from my ears and the shell but no, it's not working. I can feel the pain after some time and need to take it...
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Great sound, great value, strange omissions


Pros: Great clarity, soundstage, bass presence, build quality and looks. Can be worn cable up or down.

Cons: Cable issues, Non-detachable cables, highs can be a touch sibilant, wide nozzles and heavy cans not for everyone

Update after about 3 months with the DN1K.   Design, build quality and fit: The housings feel very solidly built, although some ppl have reported the glossy finish peeling off. Cans are a bit heavy but no problem staying in my ears, even without the spacers. Wearing them cable down can become fatiguing on the ear canal after a couple of hours, but cable up with the earguides is a breeze. Unfortunately, they are not great for sleeping with. The nozzles are the widest I've seen on an IEM (the balanced armatures are housed there) so they are definitely not for ppl with small ear canals. Cable is thin and there are a lot of cases of the cables stiffening where they touch your skin...
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