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The Abercrombie of headphones

A Review On: Dr. Dre Premium Headphones Beats Studio (Black)

Dr. Dre Premium Headphones Beats Studio (Black)

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Pros: Looks cool, Comfortable, Has control Talk, Folds up

Cons: See below

I'm going to write two reviews.  The first is for the person who comes across this site and has to have the Beats.  The second is for everyone else.



Do you buy all your clothes from Abercrombie and Finch?  Is sound quality a distant second in the things you look for when buying headphones?  Do the rims on your car cost more than the car itself??  Then these are for you!!  Welcome to the Beats by Dre Studio headphones!  These are what everyone including your favorite athletes and celebrities are wearing.  We all know rappers make much better headphones than traditional headphone companies and with these you will be able to listen to your favorite music, just the way Dre does.  These phones are off the chain!!  They come with 2 cords, a nice box, some papers, batteries, a 1/4 adaptor and an airplane adaptor.  These Beats are fashionable and heads will turn when your rockin these cans down the street.  The sound leakage is so awesome that they will also be able to hear every word of what your listening too, but who cares bro?  Just like the Black Eyed Peas, you'll be rockin dem Beats an they probably want to listen to what your listening to anyway!  So do yourself a favor and grab a pair of studios cause these cans is just what the Dr. ordered!


Review 2


The good:

  These are lightweight and comfortable.  They have a Control Talk wire which is convient and They fold up nice.
The bad:

  The sound leakage is atrocious.  At 60% volume, not only can my roommate 12 feet away hear the music, he can understand the words.  These come with an airplane adaptor, but you would need to listen to you music at really low listening levels to be able to use these on a plane.  These are my first set of cans and I really didn't expect them to be as bad in sound quality as they are.  My turbine Golds sound better in everyway when compared to these and they are in ears and were $20 less.  Im not going to comment on the sound since others with more experiance have.  One fatal flaw in these and something to think about in the overall cost of the product is they require batteries to operate.  There is no pass-through switch to turn off the noise canceling function.  The Beats also have no auto-shutoff of this function if you forget to switch off the noise canceling feature. Which means if you forget to shut your Studios off, the batteries die and since the batteries are dead, you cannot listen to your music.  What kind of since does this make?  Welcome to the Beats by Dre Studios.  I would not recommend these unless you can get them for $130 USD or less.  On a side note, Ive read that a lot of the Studios have the screws comming out and people don't know what kind screwdriver is used.  It's a Torque 5 (from the website).


Best uses:  Ear warmers, showing everyone how well marketing works.




Good review in my opinion. Like you said they leak way too hard and using them as ear warmers actually works really well. Pair that I tried out had noise canceling that didn't work. These headphones are only good at looking good (They look like cheap toy headphones to me but many poeple find that it looks beautiful)
Thanks. The noise canceling is very low. I didnt know either untill I was sitting in a quite room with the AC running in the basement and a small fan on in my room. I put on the headphones listened without the music and then turned on the noise canceling. That's the only time I could tell it was on. I do enjoy the style and the way they look and your right, thats pretty much the only thing they're good at.
Excellent review and regards from monster :D
lol loved the first part
Beats are SO silver medal. Everyone knows that gold medalists wear Sol Republics. ;-)
God damn, nice review mate! I totally agree!
The first part made me laugh really hard!
You so got me there halfway through the paragraph, nice intro ;]
I read the first part and I was so excited that I ran to the store immediately and bought them! I´d assume the second part being was about how awesome & cool these are! WOHOO, I´M SO FRESH, YOU CAN SUCK MY NUTZ!
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