The most over-rated headphones ever

A Review On: Dr. Dre Premium Headphones Beats Studio (Black)

Dr. Dre Premium Headphones Beats Studio (Black)

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Pros: Style, Noise cancellation

Cons: Leakage. SQ

In terms of SQ i know these are some of the worst headphones ever. The amount of bass is unbelievable and audio reproduction is a disgrace.


The looks are definitely there. I bought mine years ago and sold them recently. I got mine before they were "cool" and definitely regretted the poor choice. 


For $300, they sound like cheap headphones with over done bass.


Comfort was ok. Nothing special. After a while they would begin to hurt my head due to pressure. The ear cups were soft and so was the top, but still too tight. Nothing compared to my Brainwavz HM5.


In conclusion:

don't buy these. Buy some sennheiser or get a set of M50s i know sound a lot better than these 


Lol your are sooooo right, I decided to get the Ms1i.
Won these in the arcade, selling them straight away :D