Don't buy these hahaha :D

A Review On: Dr. Dre Premium Headphones Beats Studio (Black)

Dr. Dre Premium Headphones Beats Studio (Black)

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Pros: None

Cons: Expensive

You know what, yeah you're all right, Beats suck! Woo bandwagoning! :D


Right, "crystal clear and well balanced' to describe the sound of the Beats Studio. Pleasant okay but "crystal clear" or even "balanced"? Even a PX200 II gave me more information about my music...
What set up did you use? Was the source lossy or lossless?
I'm surprised you didn't notice the hiss from the terrible ANC in the Beats. The bass heavy part is probably due to it not really producing good sub bass; it only does one note bass bloat. And $350? Last check, they were only $300. I suggest you track down your seller unless those prices are the norm for your area.
Crystal clear? Hmm. Don't think I agree with that one in the slightest. Actually, the exact opposite, they're pretty thick to my ears.
Bought them used, that's why I didn't pay full price...
Silver S: if you bought them used, you got fakes. Look it up on YouTube