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Dr. Dre Premium Headphones Beats Studio (Black) Reviews


The Abercrombie of headphones


Pros: Looks cool, Comfortable, Has control Talk, Folds up

Cons: See below

I'm going to write two reviews.  The first is for the person who comes across this site and has to have the Beats.  The second is for everyone else.     Do you buy all your clothes from Abercrombie and Finch?  Is sound quality a distant second in the things you look for when buying headphones?  Do the rims on your car cost more than the car itself??  Then these are for you!!  Welcome to the Beats by Dre Studio headphones!  These are what everyone including your favorite athletes and celebrities are wearing.  We all know rappers make much better headphones than traditional headphone companies and with these you will be able to...
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Pros: Looks nice, comfortable

Cons: Sounds muddy, active noise cancelling sucks, cheap plastic, OVERPRICED

DO NOT BUY THESE. I tried these out for 10 minutes at the Apple store, and I was disgusted by the muddy sound. For 300 dollars, there are so many better options than this trash. Cheap plastic is used and the ANC is terrible. On a positive note, these look really cool and are comfortable.

Good for office not as good for pure enjoyment.


Pros: Comfort, noice cancel, detachable cable, remote

Cons: price, warm to wear long periods, batteries for operation.

First of all I have to begin with that I'm pretty happy with them. Got them to get decent sound when working in an open landscape environment. I would never spend 300$, got them for almost half that price when monster had some factory refurbished for sale. That was a good deal since the felt and looked brand new. Maybe its just their way to do some price diversification!?   What I like : Nice canceling is great in an office environment. The detachable cable in both ends is great too. Many times it has saved the equipment and first cable was a bit loose so I complained and got another one. This way you can get away cheeper if you mess up or get a broken cable like me. When...
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The most over-rated headphones ever


Pros: Style, Noise cancellation

Cons: Leakage. SQ

In terms of SQ i know these are some of the worst headphones ever. The amount of bass is unbelievable and audio reproduction is a disgrace.   The looks are definitely there. I bought mine years ago and sold them recently. I got mine before they were "cool" and definitely regretted the poor choice.    For $300, they sound like cheap headphones with over done bass.   Comfort was ok. Nothing special. After a while they would begin to hurt my head due to pressure. The ear cups were soft and so was the top, but still too tight. Nothing compared to my Brainwavz HM5.   In conclusion: don't buy these. Buy some sennheiser or get a set of M50s i know...
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Not worth buying

Tried these for few hours - muddy bass, low separation, boomy. The good: Comfy and good noise isolation.

Unbiased review on Beats Studio headphones


Pros: Eye-candy, good for noisy environments, comfortable

Cons: Build quality needs improvement, not for serious listeners or purist, marketing should be for general consumers, overpriced

  Since I haven't seen any fair reviews on the Monster Beats Studio headphones, I will be making an unbiased straight-forward review on this pair of cans.   First, I've read alot of bashing with this set of cans. I thought the sound quality of this set of cans is fairly decent and a guilty pleasure for bass-heads. If you are an audiophile enjoying your music in a silent room, then this headphones aren't meant for you. I thought that this headphones is good for noisy environments (i.e. djing in a club, riding a train, strolling the city), right amount of noise cancelling which will not lead you to getting hit by a car    The marketing of Beats...
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Kevin Liddle



Pros: Nice bass

Cons: Has no clear voice, not isolated, over price, not noise-cancelling

My friend first bought it and then he regreted alot of times, only good thing about the beats are bass but nothing else

Cool Headphones, Not Worth the Price


Pros: Look cool, decent bass, kept ears warm in -15 degree weather

Cons: Expensive, bass overpowers a lot of music

While I am not an expert on headphones by any means, I just recently started producing my own music and decided to try these out. I couldn't BELIEVE how expensive these were. Quality seemed cheap, after reading other reviews I was very afraid to drop them. I was not thrilled with having to turn them on and off and have extra batteries around. I am not sure if that is how most higher end headphones are or what.   My recommendation, don't buy a pair of headphones because they look cool. I listen to House music all day long and these cans didn't thrill me. Glad I stumbled across this forum so that I can make a more educated decision on my next pair.
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