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DITA Audio has come out with an outstanding first pair of IEMs with a unique, high quality design and interesting cable.

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DITA Audio The Answer (Truth Edition)

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That's some nice looking kit there.  :)  Thanks for writing it up!
can you compare the Treble to 1Plus2? also how is the mids doing? i mean for 1 Dynamic Driver its really hard to keep up with high end IEMs, specially for the price of 999$ i would demand a Tier 1 Treble and Mids here, also thanks for the info. 
You say at the beginning "were going to manufacture for a fairly reasonable price" and the resulting price is far from reasonable. What made them changed their intention?
What is the asking price (MSRP) for the less-than-perfect cable version?
@Shini44 If I can borrow a pair again, I'll try and compare them.
@Twinster The Answer by itself (non-Truth Edition) was initially sold for around $500 in Japan, which is more than they had originally hoped.
@egosumlux $649. http://www.ditaaudio.com/online-store/earphones.html
Holy price batman!
Mid bass hump and a treble peak? Sounds like a UE900 to me. Still looking forward to comparisons and further reviews, especially since these are a fair but pricier than the UE900.
shame on the price
Yeah, for a grrr I could get some ES5s. Out.
The "truth" is, the guys don't have the reputation, backing, or pedigree of say, a Sennheiser or an AKG to ask for this kind of money. The "answer" is small steps, young padawans. Small steps.
Ha Ha ~~  thank Dita gave me the amateur life of great help, Dita has become my main earplug, had chatted with developer Danny, process philosophy and developers make people praise. Also hope Dita can give me more!
With a FR 18-25000 Hz driver you claim yourself having a "Ultra-wide bandwidth transducer", seriously? What should people call the IE 800 then especially when Sennheiser asking for the same price? These day earphone manufacturers are being spoiled badly, treating their customer like kids.
Well to be fair 18-25000Hz goes way beyond the hearing range and is honestly more than good enough. There is simply no need to go up to the 40kHz mark and while it isn't the widest, I would say that compared to most top tier IEMs even it is pretty wide :) And hey, while they definitely aren't cheap, the honestly sound pretty damn good, and even with the non truth version which I use personally, I find it to compete with the very best of earphones out there. In fact, it is currently my favourite earphone, even compared to the JH's and fitears, UM's, you name it. So yes while it isn't cheap, if at $650 it plays on the same level as the best of the best kilobuck earphones (at least to my ears and those that have grown to love them), it doesn't seem all THAT unreasonable to me. Sure I wish I could get it for $300, but truth is, even at the current price (for the cheaper model), I would be hard pressed to find anything that competes well :) Just my two cents worth :)
The reason I use IE800 as an example not because it is the widest, simply because IE800 & the "truth" edition are marked at same the price range, similar size as well as type of driver they use. A lot of time people mention human hearing range are roughly 20-20 so it's seems unnecessary to have FR beyond this spectrum; however, they neglected the fact that each distinct frequency can actual interfere & resonate with each other. I'm sure the thos engineers from Sennheiser would have better understanding & knowledge in acoustic physics than monkeys like myself. (Although in general I don't really like Sennheiser's sound signature much)
In fact, anyone could give it a go googling about the fancy 3T technology in relation to the cable DITA used and see what will you find, except people throwing fancy terms into your face. Here are some direct quotes from Van Den Hul that I found it amusing:
"No application or any mix of Platinum, Gold, Silver and Copper. This to avoid specific price 
changes thanks to wild market speculations." (Can anyone point out what material they use from the periodic table for me please?)
"No material fatigue problems: This to avoid dramatic sound-quality reductions." (What about decay, half life?) 
"Big tensile strength: Very supportive in case of accidents." (What is it in terms of Newton?)
I've  tried my best to construct my comment based on factual and scientific factors, simple as that. And that's why I did not mention anything about the SQ as I didn't listen to DITA and it would be unfair to them.
To be honest, I would evaluate the competency of DITA when against JH, Fitears or even Final Audio with incredulity. That's my two cents.
That's a fair point. However, my personal opinion would be that looking out for such details in a product would only, if anythinf, give me a peace of mind, a placebo, if i may call it that, making me feel that it is better due to better materials used. If you look at ALOs cables, for example, or toxic's cables, in all honesty, what do those terms even mean when they give you treatment processes that no one other than themselves understand? So perhaps it really does mean something, but to me at least, even if they gave such details, it eeally would not make much of a difference. It would not help me understand the product better. What matters at the end of the day is that when i listen, they are different. And this, in my opinion, is much more powerful, a stronger testament to the quality of the cable. And given that that I am not biased beforehand because i know the conposition of the cable, I feel that this means something. Also, with regards to the sonic qualities of the earphone, I understand that many will find it hard to accept that something so new can sound as good as the established giants in the head fi world. However, perhaps it would give you a little more confidence in them, if I told you the designers of dita have been in the hifi industry for as long as i've lived (granted im not that old), and that in the process of designing the earphones, they tried about every top end iem and headphone out there and modelled it after the best of the best. I really hope you do have a chance to hear it for yourself and do a proper comparison to the other TOTL earphones. Perhaps they do not have the impressive specs that others do, but that aside, they are outstanding in my opinion. If you check out the thread on it you'll see that i'm not the only one that's giving it so much praise.
But again, thats merely my own opinion. I do hope i didn't come across as being overly defensive haha
Of course you're not being overly defensive, everyone is here on Head-Fi to speak for themselves, as long as it's rational or reasonable. I believe every single piece of valuable feedback counts contributing to this community.
As you've mentioned toxic cables, I found a published scientific journal in relation to how the company process their material and its consequential effects for your reference. Mind you, there're hundreds of related articles on Google Scholar for anyone who are interested, so it is not something that ONLY Toxic Cables would understand but no one else. And I'm pretty sure lots members here knows what's 7N copper or sliver means. Whereas the so called 3T technology (True Transmission Technology) does not able to provide ANY factual data for critical analysis. The link are listed below:
However long DITA has been in the industry does not necessarily make them any better or worse, considering Fitears, JH or Final Audio are all relatively new in the pool as well. I cannot emphasize enough that I am not making comment on DITA's sound quality, however as a new company, at least shows some respect and PROVE yourself to your clients of what have been done in your products especially when asking for that much of money.
Likewise, I can easily tell people that I'm Prince Charming but actually that won't make me look any different from a monkey. 
Plus I found the design of DITA looks kind of similar to RHA MA750
In practical terms, some people have told me or otherwise posted that they preferred the less extended highs of the non-Truth edition.
kudos for dita. I currently own Dita Truth edition, AKG k3003, IE800, Shure 846, AK r02 (fibass), and Westone UM pro 50. I'm a newbie and i can honestly say i don't have "yet" the capability to write a review. but all i know is Dita truth edition is my best sounding iem (for me anyways).  Hopefully in the future ill write a review :D happy customer
Dita Truth>Shure 846>AKr02>AKG k3003>UM pro 50>IE800 :D
Nice stable of ultra-exotic IEM's. Got a group pic? 
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