Great for the price, fun little amp

A Review On: digiZoid ZO2 Personal hi-fi experience

digiZoid ZO2 Personal hi-fi experience

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Pros: Small, long battery life, does what it's meant to do well

Cons: Sloppy volume/gain adjustment

A neat little headphone amp.  Bought to use with my Pro900s.  Definitely intensifies the v-shaped sound signature of these headphones.  Sounds exactly as I expected it to, lots of fun to listen to!  The gain/volume adjustment is the single worst I have EVER used on ANY product however, just absolutely terrible.  Other than that this is a neat little amp for a cheap price. 

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I am totally in love with this device. It is not just evolutionary, but rather revolutionary, and to be truthful, I am not exagerating - but to tell you the truth, it is nothing less than magical. I own LOTS of gear, and irregardless of price, this is my most prized posesion. It just brings out the true potential of your audio experience like nothing else. If I was stuck on a deserted island, and having my number one headphone alone, or my number 3 or 4 headphone + my digizoid, it would be a total no brainer, I would take the hp with the Digizoid. Forget about all other portable or desktop amps, this is SO SO SO much more. I can only truly call it turning an ordinary listening experience, into an orgasmic one. If you're ready to fall in love, and commit, purchase the ZO, and get ready to close your eyes, and SEE your music in your mind !!!