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Denon AHD2000 High Performance Over-Ear Headphones Reviews

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The Beginning of a Legacy - Bio-cellulose drivers and unique housing define a classic and a personal favourite.


Pros: Spacious, yummy bass, and exacting highs. Enjoyable equally for music, gaming, and movies. Very comfy. Very good price-to-performance.

Cons: Some may find the highs fatiguing, and they can take a bit to get used to. Cable can be a bit much and isn't detachable.

This review is an expansion of my comments in the D2000/5000/7000 thread. I wanted to spend a bit more time with them, and ultimately these have become my daily driver. I've gone through many headphones, and these honestly are among my favourite. I love how they sound like an open set of headphone thanks to the Acoustic Optimizer (you'll see the space between the cups). This is one of the hallmarks of the Denon AH-Dx000 series (and by extension the Fostex TH-x00/600/610/900, E-mu Teak). Not only do you get an incredibly spacious sound, but the advantages of back pressure for the bass range gives this series some low-end punch. The bio-cellulose drivers are quick. not as quick as the...
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The Audiophile's Basshead Can


Pros: Bottomless bass extension; extreme comfort

Cons: slightly recessed mids, potential build quality issues

  The Denon D2000 is a result of a rather short, but extensive search spanning multiple audiophile grade headphones to find my personal ‘perfect sound’ while retaining an extremely high amount of comfort.   My journey into the hi-end headphone market ironically started with a somewhat expensive Turtle Beach headset, and if it weren’t for the extreme discomfort I found with it, I might’ve never entered the market for top dollar cans.  Since the Turtle Beach (DPX21 btw), I’ve owned, auditioned and still keep a number of cans, ranging from Audio Technica’s AD700 and M50, Beyerdynamic’s DT990 and Sennheiser’s 555, 595 and 598.  The AD700 was a direct result of...
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VERY good headphones


Pros: Sound quality, fun, comfort, easily mod'able

Cons: isolation

I like it so much. Sold once but bought a 2nd times few weeks later. Very capable headphones, easily mod'able to perform even better. Full sound with very good bass response, slightly recesses mids and good highs. Good soundstage for a closed headphones but light isolation. Very comfortable, well built (never had issue) Will never sell it (discontinued) Buy it while you can!

Denon AHD2000


Pros: Amazing sound quality, Comfy as.

Cons: Cup pivots click when moving

I'm new to the high quality headphone world but these really blew me away.  It's like hearing music properly for the first time.   I just wanted to review them to let any UK users know that HMV are selling them in store just now for £150 ($238.9650 according to google) which I think is an absolute bargain.   I hope others catch this deal and enjoy them as much as I am.

LOve 'em


Pros: It all about the sound, and they are comfy too

Cons: cable could be removable and/or shorter

I just love these cans.  They sound amazing and are comfortable to boot.  I took one star away from the design, cans this nice should have a removable cord but they are as close to perfect as I have experienced.

Fantastic headphones


Pros: Audio quality

Cons: Very thick cable makes it awkward to carry around

I first encountered these headphones in a superstore Germany. After listening in the shop I was blown away, the quality of the sound is fantastic!  When I got back home I tried out loads of different headphones but ended up ordering the Denons. In my opinion the Closed Denons are better than other open headphones (such as the Sennheiser HD650 which is what I almost went for) which i compared it to.  The sound quality is incredible; you'll be able to hear parts in music that you never even heard before.  2 notes of caution, first the cord is very long and thick which makes it difficult to carry round (I had to wrap them with tape). Secondly if you use MP3s you...
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