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A Review On: Denon AHD2000 High Performance Over-Ear Headphones

Denon AHD2000 High Performance Over-Ear Headphones

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Pros: Excellent Sound, Awesome Build Quality, Fun

Cons: Hard to improve upon

I have been looking for a headphone that mates well with my Grace m903 which tends to sound a tad bright. My HD-650's just did not cut it. I tried a pile of expensive headphones and the only one that I thought sounded amazing was a pair of LCD-2's. Being outside of my price range I searched for something as close to that sound as possible. After listening to many headphones I settled on the AH-D2000 for two main reasons:


1.) An employee at headroom has two pairs of them. One for work and one for home.


2.) The AH-D2000 sounded as close to the LCD-2 as any other headphone.


Once I received them and plugged them into my m903 I realized what a synergy they created.


Build: Amazing, light, and high-quality ear pads


Bass: One of the best bass ranges I have heard period. Better than HD-650, HD-800, ATH-M50, as well as T5 and T1.


Mids: Excellent and well balanced. Nothing was missing or out of place


Highs: Not bright at all and the cymbals as well as bells are amazing


Cord: As Dave Rat noticed when he received his pair: "one of the best headphone cords I have ever seen" and I certainly agree. The cord is braided and thick enough to survive wear and tear, but not too thick to hinder its manipulation and placement.


Impedance: 25 Ohm so every amp out there can drive them whether that are constant current or constant voltage. This is a very flat impedance vs frequency so no region of the audible spectrum is dampened. This is the primary problem with the HD-650.


Sensitivity: 106dB which allows you to listen at moderate levels and not feel as though you have to turn up your amp just to get the sound you want.

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Not really, no, considering the D7000 is frequently bought for well under $900 and is considerably better. Still, yes, the D2000 is basically unbeatable for the price.