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A Review On: Denon AHD2000 High Performance Over-Ear Headphones

Denon AHD2000 High Performance Over-Ear Headphones

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Pros: Sub bass, Large Soundstage, Sounds great un-amped, Alpha pads+comfort, Fun With EDM, Price.

Cons: Long cord, Stock pads aren't great.

I love my D2000! For the 300 dollar price point that these sell at, it's hard to find a better choice. Their sub bass is powerful and it adds a very fun bottom end to EDM music. Good bass is very hard to find in a headphone, but the D2000 really excels in this area.


In addition, they present music in a large but natural soundstage.


They are detailed and perform exceptionally well un-amped! This is a crucial point! If you do not have a separate DAC/AMP unit, these still sound great. I love playing them straight out of my macbook, with itunes or watching youtube with them, although I own equipment I can use to make them even better. 


The essential upgrade is the Alpha pads, they bring comfort to a maximum, improve the soundstage, and overall just work very well with the D2000. I wasn't as satisfied with them until I put the Alpha pads on them, which really took them to the next level.


A few cons. The cord is rather long and annoying. The highs are generally smooth and do not annoy, but can at loud volumes. If you listen at medium levels, they should not become problematic unless you are particularly sensitive to treble (which some here seem to be).


Again, my review probably doesn't add much to the available reviews, but I have to say these are fantastic headphones for the price that very well deserve the praise that they get here on Head-fi. 


My love of the D2000 led me to decide to upgrade to the Fostex TH-900. Even so, I want to keep the D2000 for its superb over all performance and extreme comfort.


It really is one of the best you can get for the price. Sure, there are better, but you have to pay a much greater premium to get there.


And there are new Denon's who's don't become as loved as the first AH-D Series. Why?
Because these are so good!
agree'd, such a Shame Denon stopped making these :/ 
I like how Twerk and Mshenay slightly hop around your question Marc...and I gotta agree with these guys, they are still awesome. I gotta get me hands on one of these again.