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Denon AHD2000 High Performance Over-Ear Headphones Reviews


The Beginning of a Legacy - Bio-cellulose drivers and unique housing define a classic and a personal favourite.


Pros: Spacious, yummy bass, and exacting highs. Enjoyable equally for music, gaming, and movies. Very comfy. Very good price-to-performance.

Cons: Some may find the highs fatiguing, and they can take a bit to get used to. Cable can be a bit much and isn't detachable.

This review is an expansion of my comments in the D2000/5000/7000 thread. I wanted to spend a bit more time with them, and ultimately these have become my daily driver. I've gone through many headphones, and these honestly are among my favourite. I love how they sound like an open set of headphone thanks to the Acoustic Optimizer (you'll see the space between the cups). This is one of the hallmarks of the Denon AH-Dx000 series (and by extension the Fostex TH-x00/600/610/900, E-mu Teak). Not only do you get an incredibly spacious sound, but the advantages of back pressure for the bass range gives this series some low-end punch. The bio-cellulose drivers are quick. not as quick as the...
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The Audiophile's Basshead Can


Pros: Bottomless bass extension; extreme comfort

Cons: slightly recessed mids, potential build quality issues

  The Denon D2000 is a result of a rather short, but extensive search spanning multiple audiophile grade headphones to find my personal ‘perfect sound’ while retaining an extremely high amount of comfort.   My journey into the hi-end headphone market ironically started with a somewhat expensive Turtle Beach headset, and if it weren’t for the extreme discomfort I found with it, I might’ve never entered the market for top dollar cans.  Since the Turtle Beach (DPX21 btw), I’ve owned, auditioned and still keep a number of cans, ranging from Audio Technica’s AD700 and M50, Beyerdynamic’s DT990 and Sennheiser’s 555, 595 and 598.  The AD700 was a direct result of...
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Taking the Easy Road is the Best Road


Pros: Nice hard-hitting bass, the kind that'd make anyone smile. It scales with better amps/dacs

Cons: Finding the right amp is stab in the dark.

Plenty of times we try to cut corners and enter the realm only the rich or lucky get into. No one takes the easy road, the results are usually frivolous and shallow ... except in this case! You see, for the low price of these headphones, you finally get a taste of true audio extravagance. The Denon AH-D2000s are some of the most refined headphones I've ever come across that don't cost an arm and a leg. There's something about the sound and build that just screams quality. It doesn't matter what you're playing either. It can easily be enjoyable playing hip-hop and electronic as it is playing rock and jazz. I'm kind of a late bloomer when it comes to these headphones. I only heard...
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Denon AH-D2000


Pros: Superb sonic capabilities, comfort, build quality

Cons: without an eq, they are too imbalanced

I have owned these cans for a few months I am reviewing them in the context of them being a 200-300 can.  so im not comparing them to HD800's or Beyer T1 b/c they are not in that league and are not expected to be.   I am an ametuer reviewer, so please keep that in mind   I should be clear when i say  actually like these cans, because much of my review may sound to the contrary   In brief - these cans are laid back and smoothe. quite imbalanced without an EQ but capable of great things with a little patience and an EQ   In fact i will say that for the money these are some of the better cans you can get  Sure there are lots of other cans in the $200-$300 price range that...
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NA Blur

One of the best closed headphones


Pros: Excellent Sound, Awesome Build Quality, Fun

Cons: Hard to improve upon

I have been looking for a headphone that mates well with my Grace m903 which tends to sound a tad bright. My HD-650's just did not cut it. I tried a pile of expensive headphones and the only one that I thought sounded amazing was a pair of LCD-2's. Being outside of my price range I searched for something as close to that sound as possible. After listening to many headphones I settled on the AH-D2000 for two main reasons:   1.) An employee at headroom has two pairs of them. One for work and one for home.   2.) The AH-D2000 sounded as close to the LCD-2 as any other headphone.   Once I received them and plugged them into my m903 I realized what a synergy they created. ...
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The entry into a biodynamic relationship with little flaws.


Pros: extended, powerful bass, very present sub bass, natural vocals, relatively neutral mids, affordable price on the used market, solid metal connector

Cons: possibly harsh in the treble, bass not as tight, lost detail in the low-end, hard to find the perfect amp, cable a little big, weak isolation

If you ever came across the term ‘biodynamic’, you’ve probably heard of the famous Denon AH D-X000 series. Driven by Foster drivers, they are known for their extended low-end and dynamic bass reproduction. Unfortunately the X000 was discontinued in the end of 2012. That didn’t end the era of bio-cellulose diaphragms in headphones though. Next to new models from Fostex, E-MU and several other brands, there is still a healthy used-market for the older D2000, 5000 and 7000. While the D5k is a step up and the D7k even more expensive and rarer, the D2000 is not only very affordable, it’s also available in near mint conditions. I paid 200€ / $220 for my used pair on ebay.    ...
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Versatile All-Rounder With Sub Bass


Pros: Sub-bass, Good Soundstage, Sounds good un-amped, Fun With EDM, Price/Perf Ratio.

Cons: Long cord, Stock pads aren't great, Sharp treble, Leakage

For the low price point that these now sell at, it's hard to find a much better choice. Its sub bass is powerful and it adds a very fun bottom end to EDM music. Good sub bass is hard to find in a headphone, but the D2000 excels in this area.   In addition, they present music in a large but natural soundstage.   They are detailed and perform well un-amped! If you do not have a separate DAC/AMP unit, these still sound good. I enjoy playing them straight out of my macbook, with itunes or watching youtube with them, although I own equipment I can use to make them better.   One nice upgrade is the Alpha pads, they bring comfort to a maximum, improve the soundstage, and...
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The best sealed headphones I've heard for sure, but ergonomically lacking


Pros: Fantastic sound, Mature aesthetic design, Versatile, Solid build quality, Ideal compromise between open and sealed traits, Modding potential

Cons: Uncomfortable and slightly unwieldy feeling, Isolation is lacking for sealed headphone, Discontinued / Price gauging, Requires care to avoid damage

A sadly rare classic   The Denon D2/5/7000 line of headphones are quite legendary. Many considering them to be some of, if not the, best full sized sealed headphones to be produced. Their discontinuing was, understandably, much mourned with many feeling that there were few truly great sealed headphone options available. I was quite happy with my HFI-2400, but was after the next level in my desktop headphones. I was lucky enough to stumble across some D2000s in the trade forum for $300, and in good as new condition (and in my own country!). I grabbed them and eagerly awaited my arrival of this well renowned headgear.   Hands on Right off the bat, it's quite clear that...
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VERY good headphones


Pros: Sound quality, fun, comfort, easily mod'able

Cons: isolation

I like it so much. Sold once but bought a 2nd times few weeks later. Very capable headphones, easily mod'able to perform even better. Full sound with very good bass response, slightly recesses mids and good highs. Good soundstage for a closed headphones but light isolation. Very comfortable, well built (never had issue) Will never sell it (discontinued) Buy it while you can!

Modified AHD2000


Pros: Price and sound

Cons: cord tends to tangle

 I used this phones unmodified for about a month and then put Lawton cups and replacement sheepskin pads on them.  I like them better than the Denon 5000 (wooden cups) and the ATH W5000.  Unmodified they were good but modified, I think they are hard to beat.  The Lawton cups are very tough. My don't have any blemishes despite being dropped on the carpeted floor many times. The Denon D5000 do not sound as good to me and are easily scratched.  The ATH W5000 is my most expensive phone and while they are refined, the wood is hard to care for and they are large. Also the wing system of the ATH 5000 (and the other ATH phones that use this system) is very fragile. ...
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