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Denon AH-D7100 End Game Cans for the Vast majority

A Review On: Denon AH-D7100 Music Maniac

Denon AH-D7100 Music Maniac

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Pros: Clarity, Separation, impact, wider than avg sound stage for closed Cans

Cons: Except for Price. Nothing

Lets see. If you know who Adventure Club, Skrillex, Katy Perry, MGK, Lady Gaga, Kanye West, Rihanna, pretty much anyone relevant And not so relevant any more like Marilyn Manson,  Alice in Chains, Micheal Jackson and Whitney Houston. These babies got you covered. All sound awesome. Whitney's vocals gave me chills. I'm moving from the  DT 880 250ohms. I brought the 880s because of numerous raving  reviews of how transparent they are for the price..When you hear guys say how headphones sound to YOU is what matters not charts- LISTEN. I kept the 880s  because that was my first foray in to quality audio in a headset. And they were great. But I had to  bump the bass up to enjoy the music I like. And i'm by no means a bass head. But getting back to the 7100. These things get  low when required and punch when ordered by the music. I wouldn't call it overpowering bass, Because it's never out of control. And never  is included when it's not called for.But if you listen to any of the music genres above, It's welcome in a pair of cans that have so much separation and clarity as these. Audiophile Cans don't have to be boring or lifeless if your primary listening choice happens not be classical music or the like..  
Also if i may add, these babies are great for gaming.  Of course sound is outstanding but,3D positional cues are accurate as hell. Playing borderlands 2 I found myself hearing efx I never heard, or was aware of before. So much for the 880's transparency.   
The looks to me look way better than the 7000. The 7000 look like something I used to listen to in grade school in the 80s during those listen along story times.  It was time for an update. The choices of covering the much hyped African wood makes no sense But still looks better than the 7000s. And they feel solidly built, while floating on your head
Let me end this like this.if you listen to your music laying back in a chair with your eyes closed get the  T1's or hd800s, if you listen to your music laying back in a chair but bop your head while listening to music, get 7100s..,,period. Simple as that.
Also these have to break in. When i first put these on these were LMAO shrill.


Ugh, I didn't find these good at all for the price. Couldn't decide whether the D600 or D7100 were better as they both had their ups and downs but roughly comparable overall audio quality. $300-400 would be a more appropriate price for these IMHO.
I'm not sure any of the artists "listed" are relevant to anything except MTV watchers.
As far as allowing the music to move you...the T1's and HD800's are far more capable
than the 7100's....but require a higher level of equipment than the e17 to demonstrate it.
Listening to that music with that equipment - the d7100 would sound by far better than the hd800 or T1. I speak from experience with all gear/music mentioned
I do like the new look of the 7100, but sorry, can't agree that the 7000s look dated. They are a classic and refined looking can, and from what I have read they sound better than the 7100. Of course, that is very subjective and I freely admit I have not had the opportunity to hear the 7100s yet.
@ Hibuckhobby.. The T1 and the HD800 are NOT more capable than the D7100 for those particular genres. They just lack the necessary bass to really give that experience. For other genres like classical music, yeh the T1 and the HD800 will give you better performance. I ultimately wanted to buy a HD800 pair but the lack of bass is what set me off.
According to the Reviews you either like them or hate them?
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