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I’ve started to enjoy the music. Not the kit!

A Review On: Denon AH-D7100 Music Maniac

Denon AH-D7100 Music Maniac

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Pros: Comfortable, Quality Sound.

Cons: Very poor quality look. Not reference as claimed by Denon.

I’ve started to enjoy the music. Not the kit!


I read as many reviews as I could lay my hands on and they were mostly a little disparaging. How? They made constant reference to their lineage (AH-D7000) and comparisons with their old wooden aesthetic styles. Maybe I’m lucky (or unlucky) because I’ve never heard the previous model. I studied endless comparative Charts which told me all I wanted to know (that I wouldn’t like these – far too bass heavy and not reference enough).


BUT- (after 50+ Hours Burn In) I was enjoying them and even tried them direct from my iPad Mini (although I was pushing the top of the volume ’pot’-not much to spare there) and yes they sounded quite good.


They are MUSICAL – out of the box just a tad too heavy on the bass (for me) but that’s what EQ is for and just a small adjustment of those lower frequencies and a burn in saw me through my critical phase. I confess I never EVER uses EQ. This has been an education for me. Using EQ on cheap kit is different from using it on quality.


But when I just wanted to relax and listen to the music (not the equipment) it was great. It brought me back to what it’s really all about and that’s the music not the equipment. They are really comfortable, even though they seem to be designed to fit a huge head. I also think the isolation is pretty good. They have an elongated cup which fits my ears beautifully and I can listen while sitting next to my wife on the sofa and, provided I play at my normal levels (I still have good ears and don’t want to destroy them with ear bleeding volume) she can’t hear the music.


I like the style (which is a ‘marmite’ design I agree) but why oh why do headphone manufacturers use real wood and then polish it so highly that it looks like plastic? No case, which is very unusual for this level and no 1/4 to 1/8” adapter, which isn’t (I use and recommend the Grado Adaptor Cable 6.3mm to 3.5mm). Amping? As I’ve argued not absolutely necessary, but I use these with my iRiver AKA100 player, a AudioMinor Pure Copper Cryoed Mini-To-Mini Cable, a Just Audio AHA-120 amp (which adds no coloration-just clean power) and the Denon provided 10 foot 7N-OFC cable. I like it for musical enjoyment!


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