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Denon Ah-d 7100

A Review On: Denon AH-D7100 Music Maniac

Denon AH-D7100 Music Maniac

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Pros: airy sounds, great bass response

Cons: maybe price? retail suggested price is too high,

Many people in the head-fi community disappointed by the new denon lines, music maniac. But i think the other way.... well, initially when i got mine, the design  and presentation was jaw dropping, but the sound signature was horrible, it was bright and harsh treble with muddy bass. After burn-in them for 10 hours the treble settle a bit but the bass was still sound muddy.  After 40 hours burn-in, it was totally different headphone,wide and airy sound stage, smooth treble, and strong bass. I  can dare to compare to many high-end headphones. 


Audio Quality - Bass - 8/10

                      Treble - 7.5/10

                      Mid - 6/10 

                      Sound stage - 7.5/10

                      Vocal - 8

                                           Overall audio quality - 7.4/10

Isolation - 6/10

Leaking sound  - 6/10

Durable - 9/10

Presentation - 9/10

Design - 8/10

Comfort - 10/10

                                           Overall headphone rating - 7.8/10



Denon ah-d 7100 requires minimum 40 hours burn-in to enjoy your music. i think suitable music for the headphone are classic, jazz, and rock. 

Note - i will try to re-evaluate  after 100 hours burn-in


I have been in the burn in process with the AH-D7100 for about 20 hrs now but Jazz still does not sound that great. My problem is with the resonance listening to Diana Krall lots of tracks have deep bass which in turn presents itself with resonance. Do you think by 40 hrs this problem should be gone as well.
Thank you for your feed back ~!!
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