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Denon Ah-D7100 Review

A Review On: Denon AH-D7100 Music Maniac

Denon AH-D7100 Music Maniac

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Pros: Bass response is tight and articulate, highs sounds good, extremely comfortable, reproduces woodwind very well. Mids well reproduced

Cons: Bulky, warm (not a flat response); but it is rich.

I will have to be succinct, however after trying the AHD5000s as well as the LCD-2 and Sennheiser HD800s (also 380s), I would rank them among these headphones (and above the 380s -- which are $200 headphones, that i highly recommend). I would say they shine across most genres; though I mainly auditioned these cans with electronic and classical music, I cannot think of a real caveat in genre.  


Frankly I cannot hear the issues raised by other reviews, my ears are far from naivety as well, I feel the subtleties described are subjective issues, differences in pros / cons have differed highly between myself and colleague whom have also auditioned these cans; an objective audition  is next to impossible without proper metrics, anyway.


Low quality compression and recordings do make for bleeding roll offs of some notes. 


The low does not trespass into the mids, despite being very impactful. The sound stage is impressively broad  considering this headphone is closed. The low impedance does allow them to play from a portable audio source though it is not comparable to a decent DAC and amp. 


I would recommend these headphones, though the price does seem a bit steep. I was also disappointed the headband is encased in plastic -- meant to look like aluminium, meaning it can scratch without proper care. 


man i hate bubbly vocals! I refuse to buy a $1000 headphone with bubbly vocals!
Good review. High praise but done after appropriate burn-in. I would put value in bob000000005555's review.
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