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Big Heads only apply!

A Review On: Denon AH-D7100 Music Maniac

Denon AH-D7100 Music Maniac

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Pros: nice packaging, good cables

Cons: these cans are for people with massive heads. if they fit you right, you are way above average head size.

i was so disappointed with these head phones when they arrived. i always thought i had a slightly larger than average skull. boy was i wrong. these cans are for water-heads! how could Denon F-UP this bad? it's like someone got these headphones, stuck them in some boiling water and then placed them on  a 40LB bowling bowl. i dont care how good they sound, their to damn big! huge waste!


The star rating is meant to be an overall score on sound quality, comfort, design, and overall value. I say this because I have tried the denon d600s and wondered why they fit perfectly on my head on the smallest headband adjustment setting, but felt sound quality was very good and design was pretty good. Value was pretty good, so I would have given the d600s four stars overall. Just an example on revision the score more accurately.
when a company makes such a horrible design flaw like the headband... that one flaw ruins the whole headphone. it is a major flaw. it doesnt even deserve 1 star. also, this headphone requires very extensive burn in time. minimum 400 hours. that's ridiculous! those drivers need to be burned in at the factory. very poor design by Denon!
Well, you can always sell it on ebay, since many here agree with the d7100 being a step(s) backwards and is not very popular. Once you sell it, get what you want here, but read fs/t rules and the scam page thoroughly. Hope you can find a better replacement.
it occures to me that the specialized press like them most,also in Germany
The Beyer headband cover fixes the issue of fit for smaller heads.
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