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... given extensive burn-in it can provide extraordinary musical pleasure...

A Review On: Denon AH-D7100 Music Maniac

Denon AH-D7100 Music Maniac

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Pros: Comfort & Sound with Substance

Cons: Needs extremly long to burn-in to finally settle with a more balanced sound...

Yes, initially I also experienced what many others did: Excessive bass with related compression effects at higher volumes.
Still, after in between let's say 500 hrs the sound has changed dramatically. And frankly, Denon should burn them in at least 300hrs before distributing. They could avoid some irritation sides their customers. 
I really would like to know how the d7100 would measure now! The bass is still pronounced, but it integrates much better and  can I not recognize any compression effects anymore.

Anyway, recently the d7100 gave me some of the most impressive music- experiences I ever had with headphones. Claexico, Chambawamba, dEUS... and many more of the kind...

Why do most of us own more than just one pair of cans ...? Surely not because they all sound the same... in a "imperfect" world, where not all measures against a perfectly flat frequency response and where personal preferences vary, it simply seems likely that sound-reproduction parameters will differ in order to achieve best results.
So what "absolute" qualities remain in such a relative framework of requirements? To me, there is low-distortion, low-coloration, transparency of the entire frequency-band, dynamic musical reproduction independent of volume and last but not least the musical flow. All of such is abundantly provided by the d7100 .
The d7100 may not be feasible for all genres and tastes, and some headphones definitely cover a wider range of different recording qualities; but if there is a match between the 7100, the music and the equipment, the 7100 can be a real super-performer.

As such, to me it is absolutely worth the ~600 Euro I paid.

PS.: I used an HDVD800 to drive the d7100 when I wrote this review; in between, a year later, I even like it better out of an iPod touch with the Onkyo high res app, or the ifi iDSD micro... Killer combo!
PPS 28.06.2014: After several hundreds of great listening hours more, I would now also call it an allrounder. I wouldn't know any genre that doesn't sound fabulous....


congrats...u managed to get the genie out of the bottle/can..:P
You are absolutely correct! The Denon AH-D600 needed an enormous amount of hours to com into their own. I love these can and can believe many say these aren't audiophile cans! They are simply wrong.
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