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Denon AH-D7100 Music Maniac Reviews

Positive Reviews


great work though defame

I am from China and I'd like to say Chinese people are lucky enough to have the opportunity to reach most of device in the area of audio especially some brand only provided in China.So it made me crazy not have the access to many headphones and amplifiers.Isn't it weird that many Chinese people use amazon.com not amazon.cn to buy things. So I want to introduce myself. I come from a university which is next to Nankai University(the CEO of hifi man graduated from it). I was so lucky to join a wind band that I can so closely know and perform many pieces of music. I became a leader of the band and sometimes I help with the conductor to do many practice and improvement .  It is also a...
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Negative Reviews


Big Heads only apply!


Pros: nice packaging, good cables

Cons: these cans are for people with massive heads. if they fit you right, you are way above average head size.

i was so disappointed with these head phones when they arrived. i always thought i had a slightly larger than average skull. boy was i wrong. these cans are for water-heads! how could Denon F-UP this bad? it's like someone got these headphones, stuck them in some boiling water and then placed them on  a 40LB bowling bowl. i dont care how good they sound, their to damn big! huge waste!

More Reviews

Mad Dude

Review: Denon AH-D7100

    Hello Head-Fi’ers Here's my amateurish review about the new Denon D7100, including comparisons with the Sennheiser HD800, HD600 and the Fostex T50RP. The D7100 is sold in the US for about 1000-1250 USD, therefore it will have to be measured against headphones such as the HD800 or the T1. Just in case you’re wondering  about the comparison with the Fostex T50RP, I recommend auditioning a modded one. This small Ortho can keep up with much more expensive headphones quite well. Unfortunately I can’t draw any comparisons to Denon’s previous offerings, as I have only heard the D2000, and that only for a short time.   Please note: English isn’t my...
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... given extensive burn-in it can provide extraordinary musical pleasure...


Pros: Comfort & Sound with Substance

Cons: Needs extremly long to burn-in to finally settle with a more balanced sound...

Yes, initially I also experienced what many others did: Excessive bass with related compression effects at higher volumes.Still, after in between let's say 500 hrs the sound has changed dramatically. And frankly, Denon should burn them in at least 300hrs before distributing. They could avoid some irritation sides their customers.  I really would like to know how the d7100 would measure now! The bass is still pronounced, but it integrates much better and  can I not recognize any compression effects anymore.Anyway, recently the d7100 gave me some of the most impressive music- experiences I ever had with headphones. Claexico, Chambawamba, dEUS... and many more of...
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Denon Ah-D7100 Review


Pros: Bass response is tight and articulate, highs sounds good, extremely comfortable, reproduces woodwind very well. Mids well reproduced

Cons: Bulky, warm (not a flat response); but it is rich.

I will have to be succinct, however after trying the AHD5000s as well as the LCD-2 and Sennheiser HD800s (also 380s), I would rank them among these headphones (and above the 380s -- which are $200 headphones, that i highly recommend). I would say they shine across most genres; though I mainly auditioned these cans with electronic and classical music, I cannot think of a real caveat in genre.     Frankly I cannot hear the issues raised by other reviews, my ears are far from naivety as well, I feel the subtleties described are subjective issues, differences in pros / cons have differed highly between myself and colleague whom have also auditioned these cans; an...
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Absolutely magnificent.


Pros: Absolute comfort, impressive bass, excellent speed response, great materials (except plastic)

Cons: Crazy price, plastic, probably too much basses.

I state that I'll write this review in Italian, if you want to know my judgments, please watch at the end of this review. Premetto che queste non sono le "migliori cuffie al mondo", tuttavia gli ingegneri Denon hanno cercato di avvicinarsi il più possibile a tale traguardo, molto vicino direi.. Uscite da non molto hanno subito lanciato sul web una marea di polemiche e discussioni a riguardo, le AH-D7100 prendono infatti il posto delle D7000, le ex portabandiera di casa Denon, considerate senza dubbio tra le migliori cuffie audiofile d'alta gamma, utilizzando circa gli stessi materiali (tra cui mogano africano e pelle di qualità) la Denon ha voluto rimpiazzare le D7000 con qualcosa di più...
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Great headphone that could use just a tad polishing.


Pros: Airy Sound, Excellent Bass, Great sound stage, Comfortable

Cons: Price, not full aluminum construction, heavy

There has been a lot of debate about this headphone on this forum in particular and the value it offers for the price.  I must admit, the pricing is a little steep but it has been coming down and can be had for sub $1000 constantly.  Sound quality is just perfect (for me).  I have found out that this new Denon Music Maniac line is sort of like a love it or hate it among audiophiles.  I certainly love mine and have nothing but good things to say about it.    Sound reproduction is on par with other closed headphones I would say minus of course the TH-900 from Fostex.  The mids are clear, and although the bass was a bit sloppy/bloated in the...
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Denon Ah-d 7100


Pros: airy sounds, great bass response

Cons: maybe price? retail suggested price is too high,

Many people in the head-fi community disappointed by the new denon lines, music maniac. But i think the other way.... well, initially when i got mine, the design  and presentation was jaw dropping, but the sound signature was horrible, it was bright and harsh treble with muddy bass. After burn-in them for 10 hours the treble settle a bit but the bass was still sound muddy.  After 40 hours burn-in, it was totally different headphone,wide and airy sound stage, smooth treble, and strong bass. I  can dare to compare to many high-end headphones.    Audio Quality - Bass - 8/10                       Treble -...
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Denon AH-D7100


Pros: Extremely comfortable. Exciting, airy sound. Attractive wooden cups and cable.

Cons: Too much bass! Disappointing build quality. Too similar to D600. Ultimately very overpriced.

I am a quite happy D600 owner. They are not neutral by any means but as a general-purpose headphone the sound suits my needs. Loads of super-deep bass, nice midrange tonality and an open if somewhat troublesome high-end. The best thing is that they are great portable companions, with good fit, good isolation, iPod-made cable and the fact that they are very easy to drive. I think they are worth what I paid for them (bought them on a discount weekend) When I first held the new Denon flagship D7100 in my hands the first thing that struck me was the lack of luxury feel. I was certain the frame would be made of magnesium, or aluminum. But no, it's the same plastic as the D600 - just...
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Never expected to like these as much as I do


Pros: Comfortable, sound great

Cons: Bass-heavy

When I purchased these, I did so on a lark. Slowly, over the last year, I have more or less stopped listening to anything else, and I have dozens of headphones. Unlike many on Head-Fi, I find these superior to the prior generation of Denons. The soundstage is of course limited, but about average for closed headphones. And the bass is emphasized, but not too much to be distracting in my book. I am not a bass-head by any means. The PS1000 is my all-time favorite headphone, so factor that into your assessment of my review. I'm not going to write anything more than that, I would just say that these are almost perfect for me. I'm really glad I bought them and am sorry Denon discontinued them...
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The headphone I go for most when I want to feel the music.


Pros: Great bass, mid and treble. Comfortable. Well made with lovely wood cups.

Cons: Maybe the full retail price, you can get them for much less!

Used with Teac UD-H01 and Matrix M-Stage they sound great and are extremely comfortable. The sound is musical with deep controlled bass and detailed Mids & Treble. They also have a great sound stage for a closed headphone.   Playing The Ultimate Headphone Demonstration Disc by Dr. Chesky will show you how well these truly sound. I paid £449 about 18 months ago and think these have been a great buy as I have used them for hours daily since then.



Pros: Accurate sound reproduction. Crystal clear. No complaints

Cons: None

I love these.  I have BeatsPro, Monster Inspiration and these blow them away!  They are super comfortable and I can hear the  nuances of all sounds.
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