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Very engaging, energetic & fun

A Review On: Denon AH-D7000 - Headphones

Denon AH-D7000 - Headphones

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Pros: Full bodied, energetic & fun, good build quality, very comfortable

Cons: loose bass, congested, lacks transparency and clarity, poor imaging and instrument separation

The Extinct Denon D7000

Hey guys,

I’ve been waiting for a long time for an opportunity to listen to the famous D7000 and I am really happy I have a few days with it.

In one of my visits to Jack-Fi, I found a pair of forgotten Denon D7000 there, as they are specialized in speaker systems mostly. After 3 weeks I’ve been there again and found them in the same place and same position. So it was clear they would part with them easily for a few days :D

I like its’ overall looks, but it feels a little cheap compared to other headphones at that price. They are very light weighted and very comfortable though.


One thing that popped into my attention was the fact that the cable is not detachable, and at the price was selling, I don’t find that ok.


Sound Impressions

The first time I have listened to them I liked them very much. They have an interestingwow factor because of their fun and engaging tonality.


The bass is very present in these cans, especially the mid bass. However the bass lacks some punch and is a little loose. Overall I like the bass presentation, but sometimes there is too much bass leaking into the mids.


Some of the instruments are a little in the background but still enjoyable. However, the mids bring the vocals forward. I just love listening to Leonard  Cohen, Frank Sinatraor Lana Del Ray on D7000.


I’ve heard people complaining the D7000 is bright. I found the treble quite on the smooth side, even recessed on some ocasions.

Fun Tonality

I like the  fun tonality of the D7000 a lot. It has a meaty & full sound.

Transparency & Openness

What I felt was missing is clarity,  transparency & openness in the sound that made me putHD800 on, just to take a “breath of fresh clear air”.

Transient response & decay

I find that the transient response is not that impact-full as I would like. The decay is a little slow in my opinion. I feel this could be a little improved with a good silver cable.


The positioning of the instruments is not so clear, the sound being somehow congested, instruments tend to blend in on the same layer.



Overall the sound of the D7000 is very engaging, energetic and fun. They are absolutely brilliant with rock.

I also love both male & female vocals with it.

So in the end loved to listen to rock, electronic music, vocals, pop and even some jazz with it.

Even-though they have a lot of cons, I think they are my favorite closed cans now for the music genres above.

I am quite sad Denon discontinued them. I am very curious how D7100 stands near it.


  • full bodied tonality
  • energetic & fun
  • excellent with vocals
  • good build quality
  • very comfortable


  • loose bass
  • congested
  • lacks transparency and clarity
  • poor imaging and instrument separation
  • the cable is not detachable


Thanks for the review, hook it to a speaker amp and all the cons are gone. And it becomes monstrously GREAT!
Hey Lorspeaker. Interesting, I haven't heard D7000 needing a speaker amp until now. It didn't seem to be underpowered with Burson Conductor which has ~2W in 32 ohms.
Another very simple fix is some light parametric EQing to control some of the stronger bass frequencies. I control for 60hz which is the reported cup resonance frequency, plus I do a slight cut at 125hz and at 200hz. I have also made a very modest cut as well at the 9000khz to tone down the treble. Some may think you shouldn’t need to do this if the headphones are that good, but that isn’t my view. Almost every headphone has at least a few areas it needs help in, but if it is worth it than you have a good reason to do so. For me, the D7000s can be sublime and what they can do when compared against what they don’t do as well is a huge nod toward what they do well. Rich, moist, organic and engaging sound, plenty of timbre and scale that I love. While the bass bleeding issue exists, it really isn’t very bad at all, it can mostly be mitigated with a parametric EQ and the capability of these cans is wonderful and totally justifies the little effort needed to EQ them.
Just in case anybody happens along who doesn’t know much about a parametric EQ it is important to realize that a parametric EQ allows you to limit how much the adjusted frequency affects other adjacent frequencies. Therefore if you adjust the 125 Hz range for instance, you can greatly limit how much the adjustment actually affects adjacent frequencies which is very important. You want to do narrow, targeted adjustments, not large and broad adjustments.
Like Lorspeaker said, hook it up better yet to a vintage amp headphone out and you'll be amazed.  Lawton mod the drivers, add either Alpha pads or Lawton angle pads and these headphones are amazing. 
I don't believe in any type of EQ. You may find that the bass will clean up with some different equipment changes. The D-7000s will scale up into tight detailed bass response but it needs to be worked out in the signal path up stream. They scale up to a place most don't have the patience or equipment change-outs to stumble on. The bass is perfectly detailed in the right rig. There will always be the wooden slight echo effect but it can be minimized too. When the slight echo is taken out detail of the complete mid spectrum fills the area. IMO When the congestion is removed they start to come alive.
i had to hook it up to my cheap 40watter again a few hours ago....the clarity n punchhh was outrageous...like a bull under tight reign. listened to some german marches..the drumskin was rattatatating in tight snapsss...oh mind!!!
We will have to agree to disagree Redcarmoose, I think done well modest parametric EQing will not degrade the sound at all, in fact it will clean it up far easier than spending countless amounts of money and time trying to find the perfect system synergy. I will virtually guarantee you that in a blind listening test you could not tell a less than perfect rig EQed to compensate with the D7000 from a rig that you felt was already better suited to the D7000. You can have a well done EQ adjustment, or a poorly done one. EQing is done at all levels of recording, engineering and mixing so there is nothing inherently wrong with EQing a signal.
I love these headphones. Anyway someone gets em to work for em is great in my eyes.
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