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Denon AH-D7000 box opened

A Review On: Denon AH-D7000 - Headphones

Denon AH-D7000 - Headphones

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I am a new user of D7000

I bought this D7000 because of D5000.

I listened D5000 with my iphone in Denon shop. And i bought in the internet.

I expected that D7000 is better than D5000. But Sound is little bit different to me...

Because I liked D5000 more. D5000 has more boomy bass. which is i enjoyed. and D5000 treble doesn't make my ears hurt.

D7000's treble is strange for me. This is so high that my ears hurt. Sounds like screaming.

So, This is not comfortable treble for me. Sounds D5000 is much comfortable than D7000.

Maybe I have to used to this....


Value 3 stars : because best headphone in Denon, but this is made in china.... too expensive for that.


Audio Quality 3 stars and half:  I like the sound but something miss. 


Design 2 stars : this design doesn't make me 'wow'


Comfort 4 stars : I wearing more than 1 hour, My ears want fresh air....


Overall 3 and half : D7000's box doesn't look good for me. for me looks cheap. even the manual this very thin and cheap. Sound is good, but my ears still want something more....


PS: I'v never given 5 stars for review in my life :P... 


Maybe you're D7000 isn't burned in yet. Give them some time to loosen up?
First off, it wasn't a good idea to start off with such an expensive headphone, second, not everything made in China is horrible, that's one of the most stereotypical things ever stated, there are millions of workers and hundreds of companies, not all of them are bad. Also, no one ever quotes the good things made in China, because they're too busy enjoying it. Only the bad, since they were pissed off about it being broken and must need an explanation for complaining. Three, I think you're a troll because your community profile states you enjoy making people angry.
Too expensive to be made in china? Wtf?
There are a lot of high quality things made in china.
I think English is not the first language of kimtjun...
"PS: I don't 5 stars for review... "
wrathzombie: sorry about my english.
headphonatic, GL1TCH3D : And about chinese stuff.... I still prefer to keep other stuff compare with made in china.... such as k701, hd650, hd800, edition 8, dt880.....anyway this is my personal opinion.. I care about not only sound but also appearance details :)
Norway: I think so. i think it needs to burned in. I will wait.
what are you using as an amp?
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