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A Review On: Denon AH-D7000 - Headphones

Denon AH-D7000 - Headphones

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Pros: Look great, sound better, long well protected cable

Cons: Leather ear cups, a little heavy

I started my journey with my first decent pair of Koss PortaPros, moving up to the Denon D2000s, the Beyer Dynamic DT990s, Ultrasone Pro 900s, still not being satisfied with those previous head sets I finally took the plunge and found  great deal on the Denon D7000s. Truly the best headphones I have heard to date, even after owning the Beyer Dynamic T1 and HifiMan HE500, I still prefer my D7000s as my go-to headphone.


For those who have heard the D2000s, 7000s differ from the 2000s with much richer sound, by that I mean a better interaction between bass, treble, and mids.. all while increasing soundstage and clarity.. I can definitely tell the difference in sound between the two, not to say the 2000s sound bad, they sound great, but the 7000s are priced high because they are the best in the lineup (aside from looking awesome). Something I noticed with the 2000s was presence of some sibilance, the 7000s are better, not perfect, but a warm amp will correct the sibilance.


I can't recommend this to everyone, its a premium price to pay for a headphone, but the way I look at it, if you are the type of person who enjoys headphones, you need a pair for daily use (something that can handle being beat up a bit) and you need a pair for winding down at home and relaxing to some of your favorite music.. for that the Denon D7000s are perfect; super comfortable and light with excellent audio quality.


Here's a little story for some of you disbelievers.. My DJ friend never liked Denons, *because he thought their DJ equipment was poor* never gave Denon headphones one look (he was always a Pioneer/AKG man), I let him demo my D7000s for 5 minutes and he got the biggest grin on his face, it was really funny, he just couldn't believe how great they sounded and now he's craving a pair :). 


Conclusion, if you have money to spend on a great headphone and already have a good amp/dac these will be perfect for you, I listen to a lot of electronic, house, pop and some rock/jazz these do everything well, you can't go wrong..


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