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Great Movie Headphones! The physical vibrations and "shock" factor really put me on edge!

A Review On: Denon AH-D7000 - Headphones

Denon AH-D7000 - Headphones

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Pros: Beautiful + Bass

Cons: sweat after a while (Thailand is HOT!)



On April 17, 2011 I asked "TheWuss"--a Head-Fi member who has a LOT of headphones--what headphone was best for watching movies.  The next day--April 18, 2011--he replied:



that easy.  hahahaha.

for cinema, the denon d7000 is pretty much without equal.  (impactful sound for explosions, big and layered soundstage for immersive listening experience, etc. etc.)


On April 19, 2011--the very next day--I went out and bought the Denon AH-D7000.  So I consider him the one who pushed me off the edge. And for that I am thankful. smily_headphones1.gif Thanks Brent!


This is my reply to him at 2:51pm-- April 19, 2011:


"aaahhh.....I finally took the plunge!  Got the Denon D7000.  Tried it out at the shop versus the T1, Pro 900, DT880(600).  The D7000 is very immersive...and the bass....really put me on the edge while watching some movies with "suspension" scenes/sounds.  The other headphones sounded further.  However, for music ...the T1 was quite nice.  I was able to "follow" sounds from left to right as well as discern which instrument was from the left or from the right.  The Denon was "too much" for me when listening to music.  Put me "on the edge" and when I took it off, I felt as if it was a "relief".   That didn't happen with the T1.  With the T1/DT880 I felt like sinking into my seat, closing my eyes, leaning back ....and relax.  T1 was better than DT880 at "exciting" me with the differences in loud/soft when listening to music, while with the Pro900 and DT880, I didn't really feel anything.  Just like listening to music from a distance with the DT880 giving me much more "imaging".  I was able to "hear/feel" whether the sound came from the left or right."


…before I continue, just want all to know that I don’t consider myself an audiophile because I just started reading up on headphones 3 months before I got my D7000.  I decided using my ears and “feeling.”


My purpose of buying was to get a pair for night-time movie watching.  My sound system’s overall volume was too loud when it was at dialogue-understandable level.




$833 for me IS a lot of money and so I do consider this expensive.  When I went to Jet Live Audio Store, I was initially looking forward to trying the Ultrasone Ed8, Ultrasone Pro 2900, Denon AH-D7000, and the Beyerdynamics DT770 because of what I read on websites and forums on “bass headphones” and “movie headphones.” 


I asked for the Ultrasone Pro 2900, Denon AH-D7000, Beyer T1, and the Beyer DT770 but did not dare ask for the Ultrasone Ed.8 because of the price.  Since Mr. Jet did not have the Beyer DT770, I tried the DT880(250)instead.  After listening to some music, I put down the Ultrasones because it did not feel comfortable.  The DT880s had great left to right continuation when watching movie trailers.  They also sounded great when used for music.  The T1 sounded way better than the DT880s when used for music because of the soundstage and imaging—I could tell the difference between left and right clearly and “felt” as if I could pin-pointing instruments positions (virtually with my eyes closed).   The T1 impressed me very much—might get it in the far future? 


I decided to go with the D7000 because of the physical vibrations and “shock” factor that kept me on edge while watching the Predator Movie Trailer.  The “bangs” and “booms” startled me so much (I usually hate being startled!) I was on high alert throughout the whole short clip. Another clip I found on Youtube that also caused facial vibrations.


After a month or so of using the set, I realized that I had to take it off to wipe off my sweat from time to time.  Also, when listening to some types of music, the highs can be quite painful (did not burn yet).  Other than that, the D7000 is a beautiful set, soft on the ears, a bit heavy, has great bass, expensive, is worth the price because it delivers (for movies)and is definitely a keeper.   


I gave Value 4.5 stars because it IS expensive. For this price, they should include a nice carrying bag/case as well. I gave Audio Quality 4.5 because for music the T1 and the STAX do better.  Design 5 because I like it.  Comfort 4 because it is kinda heavy and the leather causes me to sweat.  If they have a "for movies" option...I'd give that a full 5 !!!


If you’re looking for a headset only for good bass music, there are cheaper sets out there.  I recently (July, 2011) tried on the V-moda Crossfades LP and they sounded amazing when used for “disco”-type music.  It made me feel as if I was “inside the dance club”, “right there at the party. “  I’ve tried the Audio Technica M50, Audio Technica Pro 900, and Beats Pro among others.  These also sound good but I prefer the V-modas for their cool design and the “I’m right there” feeling.  They don’t work that well with other types of music though and the owner of the pair I listened to complained about it not having enough clear highs. For movies, my gaming headset (Creative Fatality HS-1000) and the normal Philips SCB-HP200 paired with the Creative X-mod sounded good but no physical vibrations or "shock" factor.

To conclude this rambling….Wooooooooo!    I love my Denons!   Yeah!


Sincerest thanks to all Head-Fi members who helped by graciously answering my PMs:

Head-Fi member Acix

Head-Fi member Must Lust Envy

Head-Fi member LFF

Head-Fi member Skylab

Head-Fi member IJokerI
Head-Fi member TheWuss


Thanks to Mr. Jet from Jet Live Audio Store here in Bkk, Thailand for allowing me to try out your headphones...and for the nice Hokkaido chocolates from Japan! atsmile.gif


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