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Great Headphones for Relaxing and Movies

A Review On: Denon AH-D7000 - Headphones

Denon AH-D7000 - Headphones

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Pros: Soundstage, Bass, Great for Movies, Comfortable, Relaxing Sound

Cons: A little too Flat of a Sound, Not for Rock,

The Denon D7000's are perhaps the most used headphone in my collection because it has a very relaxing sound and a great soundstage.



The soundstage is excellent for movies. I can hear absolutely everything in a movie. For instance, I often get lost in the background every time I watch a movie. From the gentlest wind gust to the smallest drips of water hitting the window, I can hear them. I suspect these headphones might be amazing for gaming, but I haven't tried them yet for that.



I've tried my share of headphones. Most of the time you have one headphone that gives you amazing soundstage, but stinks in bass. This isn't the case for the Denon D7000. It has the best of both worlds in this case. Although, there is one problem. I kind of find the bass to be a bit fat and slow. It doesn't stand out, it is blended into the music. Some people like this. I actually think this bass is meant to be for this headphone because it is a full-sounding headphone (meaning you get everything treble, vocals, and bass with nothing standing out).



As almost everyone else has pointed out, the vocals are pushed a few rows back. They are still distinguishable, but just not very loud. Think of someone trying to talk to you from about 10 feet away, sounds like that.



The treble is not hot at all. It's there, just not screaming at you. Again, this is a relaxing headphone with nothing standing out. Everything is there, just not killing your ears. I can sleep to these on my head all night without hurting my ears with piercing sounds.



I barely even notice these things on my head. They are very light and don't have a high clamping force like other headphones do.



This headphone is amazing for movies and relaxing. It is not an intimate headphone. If you want to rock and roll like there is no tomorrow, I don't suggest this headphone.  I mean I still listen to rock with it, but it doesn't give me the adrenaline rush like a Grado would. Sometimes I consider the headphone boring and flat. For instance, on a rock-heavy song  I like, everything comes and goes without sounding much different. It sounds too slow and blended together, but I still hear everything.


Every headphone has its' purpose, this one to me is movies and relaxing.

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Not for Rock? These are incredible for Rock and Metal.
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