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Denon AH-D7000 - Headphones Reviews


Denon AH-D7000 Headphones

Review Denon AH-D 7000 Headphones My first set of headphones were purchased in 1974. I’m excited to write that over the years my favorite headphone has improved every so often. I am not a complete obsessive type who compulsively is upgrading my system. I have a relaxed process where if something works then it stays in use for awhile.  As we build our headphone systems each piece of equipment is interdependent on each other for the overall sound.  That old saying that your system is only as strong as the weakest link stands true as ever. It is actually really hard at times to get all your components to complement each other. When you have system synergy going strong, I have...
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REVIEW: Denon AH-D7000


Pros: Terrific looking and sounding

Cons: Poor islation for a closed headphone

When the Denon D5000 first came out, I was pretty impressed with it – I felt if delivered a considerable amount of audiophile goodness for a reasonable price. There was, in the end, some room for improvement, however, and when the D7000 first came out, I was very eager to try them. On listening to them at a meet, however, I came away with the feeling that they didn’t sound that much better than the D5000, and stayed away. I should know better than to judge anything just on a meet listen.     Some time later, I was kind of itching for a new headphone, and my D5000 were long gone. A nice used pair of D7000’s came up, and I bit. And I am sure glad I did. The D7000 are a very,...
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Great sounding headphone


Pros: Great bass, Great treble, Beautiful look

Cons: Recessed Mids, non-detachable cable, storage case, price

Really good sounding headphone with incredible bass.  I owned these for about six months.  They sound powerful for lack of a better word.  Definitely a V-shaped sound signature.  The bass can be a bit much sometimes, a bit sloppy, but I usually find it quite enjoyable.  Just a really fun headphone to listen to.  That being said I don't feel that they quite compare to some of the other $1000 offerings from competitors (in terms of overall sound quality) or really outperform less expensive models by that much (Pro900, He-400, dt990 for example).  I also didn't care for the headband, the earcups always slid when I didn't want them to and I've read a few...
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Flawed Beauty


Pros: Deep/Punchy/Authoritative bass, soundstage, comfortable, aesthetics, easy to drive

Cons: Recessed mids, somewhat bright at times, does not seal outside noise

My Denon AH-D7000 finally arrived, and I've been putting it through its paces. My perspective on the D7000 is from a slightly different angle from most people who have reviewed it, since I have used the previous generation of Denon flagship AH-D950 headphones from mid-90's to 2005 or so. It was already falling apart around 2001, and I kept taping it back together until it could no longer be fixed and looked like crap. Here's the D950 all beat up, with electrical tape, worn out pleather earcups, snapped off housing...etc:   It's been with me all over the place throughout the years though, and will always stay in my memory. It still sounds great too, after the countless dropping...
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Denon D7000


Pros: Look great, sound great, very comfortable

Cons: Isolation isn't the best, not portable

      Denon D7000 review   To all those who want to stay away from my mindless babble, I'll answer the final question right now. Do I like the Denon D7000's? Yes.   Now let's get on with the review!     Note:   Unfortunately, not long after getting these headphones, my current DAC and amp broke, and am currently working to afford a nice DAC and amp. Currently I am using an old surround sound receiver. I will update the review when I get the proper source components.   Also, I made some comparisons between this and the Pro 750's (Kees modded), my previous headphones of 3 years. It isn't a fair comparison. Also,...
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Frank I

Denon AH-D7000


Pros: lightweight,nice looking and dynamic

Cons: Isolation could be better

I have been  looking at these headphones since I started posting to HeadFi last year and havd  always wanted to try them and finally the opportunity came for me to audition the cans and see if they were  as good as all the hype that I had been hearing about them.  When I first started to listen to the Denon's I really did not like them at all. Out of the box the bass was overpowering, bloated and flabby. They were also very dark. I then proceeded to burn them in for the next 125 hrs using both my Outlaw 2150RR and Matrix M Stage as my primary amps with both the DV6001 and the Onkyo DX7555 CD player on repeat..    Usually when I get a high end...
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Denon D7000 - First High-End Headphone


Pros: Powerful sound, Detailed, Comfortable, Forgiving, Good with almost any music

Cons: Sound leaking (mostly in), looks like plastic rather than wood, hinges feel fragile

Here is my original blog post: http://noblehifi.blogspot.co.uk/2012/03/denon-ah-d7000-review.html      DESIGN & PRESENTATION   After a layer of solid plastic is removed, which sole purpose is to protect the leather topped box, it's clear every detail of this product has been carefully considered. The silky bronze coloured cloth wrapped around the headphone's display mount, the metal logo plate and the way the cable is neatly hidden while still displaying the large plug - it exudes luxury from every angle. This feeling continues as you remove the headphones too. The leather headband and ear-cups are soft, smooth and beautifully stitched. The...
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Great Movie Headphones! The physical vibrations and "shock" factor really put me on edge!


Pros: Beautiful + Bass

Cons: sweat after a while (Thailand is HOT!)

Squidoo   On April 17, 2011 I asked "TheWuss"--a Head-Fi member who has a LOT of headphones--what headphone was best for watching movies.  The next day--April 18, 2011--he replied:   fred, that easy.  hahahaha. for cinema, the denon d7000 is pretty much without equal.  (impactful sound for explosions, big and layered soundstage for immersive listening experience, etc. etc.)   On April 19, 2011--the very next day--I went out and bought the Denon AH-D7000.  So I consider him the one who pushed me off the edge. And for that I am thankful.  Thanks Brent!   This is my reply to him at 2:51pm-- April 19, 2011:  ...
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Very engaging, energetic & fun


Pros: Full bodied, energetic & fun, good build quality, very comfortable

Cons: loose bass, congested, lacks transparency and clarity, poor imaging and instrument separation

The Extinct Denon D7000 Posted on August 4, 2013by HeadMania Hey guys, I’ve been waiting for a long time for an opportunity to listen to the famous D7000 and I am really happy I have a few days with it. In one of my visits to Jack-Fi, I found a pair of forgotten Denon D7000 there, as they are specialized in speaker systems mostly. After 3 weeks I’ve been there again and found them in the same place and same position. So it was clear they would part with them easily for a few days  I like its’ overall looks, but it feels a little cheap compared to other headphones at that price. They are very light weighted and very comfortable...
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Great fun phones


Pros: Great bass weight and detail

Cons: flimsy headband swivel

Fun cans. Very enjoyable warm and bassy but good detail. Not as fleshy and forward in the mids as some but a very good sounding phone. No complaints.
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