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Really great, if it works for you. Full range, detailed, great sense of space. True bass reproduction, highs that stay focused.

A Review On: Denon AH-D600

Denon AH-D600

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Pros: Enveloping, rich sound. Not shy on bass, but still tight. Massive, comfortable earpads. Great in-line microphone cable as well as "pure" long cable.

Cons: Much heavier and bulkier than Monster Inspire, MSRP is too high.

I'm in a good place. Three days ago I bought a pair of Monster Inspire headphones, which I find to be tremendous. However I let my wife try them on and I could sense a tinge of envy; I knew that I needed to have two pairs of premium cans in the house. I decided that I could solve that problem by upping the acoustic ante—by buying a pair of Denon AH-D600. I'm glad I took the plunge, because I find the AH-D600 to be equally enjoyable, compared to the inspire. I also have a pair of AKG 701 and I prefer both the D600 and the Inspire to those cans, even when strictly comparing sound quality. The main difference between the two new pairs is that the AH-D600 is decidedly geeky and ridiculous-looking compared to the Inspire.

There is also a difference in how music is reproduced, but that difference is relatively minimal when compared to some other headphones I have sampled lately. The Inspire has a touch more intensity to it while the D600 manages to be a bit more open. There is near total parity in terms of bass. I think the D600 comes close to sounding perfect. Frankly I'm surprised by how much I enjoy both cans, after a series of disappointments with some Sennheiser and Logitech models (HD-380, UE6000), and a few weeks trying really hard to like the Pioneer HDJ-2000.


Now I'm in a place where the vaunted K701 sounds thin and generally lacking compared to both of my new headsets. Truly a great day.


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