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Denon AH-D600

A Review On: Denon AH-D600

Denon AH-D600

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Pros: Extremely comfortable. Clear, engaging presentation. Easy to drive.

Cons: Lack of coherency. Midbass resonance. Not the best choice for the MSRP. Design is maybe a bit dull?


Picked these up for a special price after listening in store and liking what I heard very much. A clear, clean sound with a really fun bass response. A very different sound compared to my HD 800 and I liked the idea of a headphone that made you tap your feet.

First of all the Denon D600 is an extremely comfortable headphone. The pressure on the head is spot-on for a closed can and the well shaped, memory-foam earpads feel wonderful. Only a slight headband pressure and heat issues usually present with closed headphones keep them under a solid 5 on that one.

This is a fast, clear sounding headphone. They sound open and airy for a closed can, which I feel is their main accomplishment. The bass is very powerful and very well extended. It's not extremely tight though, compared to better (and some cheaper) headphones. It has a wobbling nature too it, which I think is because of a resonance in the upper bass. The bass - midrange transition sounds natural though (usually), unlike the flagship D7100.

The treble is a bit uneven. The lower treble is a bit recessed and the higher up they are a bit bright and sparkling. The treble doesn't sound muddy, closed in or piercing - which i absolutely hate. These seem to be tuned to moden music genres with what I hear as a U-shaped response.

It's a fun, vivid sound, but I can sometimes feel the midrange is slightly low in level compared to the somewhat bright treble and earth-shattering low end. Deep vocals easily get to bassy and the sound is just not as coherent as the D2/5/7k. They do sound cleaner than the D2k and D5k, but they are not very accurate.

Compared to a cheaper headphone, the Sennheiser Momentum (my current reference portable), the D600 midrange sounds thin and grainy in comparison. The midrange is also definitely thinner sounding than that of the D5000 and D7000.

This is a headphone for electronic music. While the bass is pretty well integrated into the midrange for a bass-heavy can (which I definitely think these are) and the speed and clarity of the sound are great, I do think you can get better for less money. $500 feels too much. Luckily, I paid significantly less than that, but I still feel my Momentum outperforms it in every way except for soundstage openness.

If anything these are fabulous movie watching cans thanks to the excellent comfort and deep, rumbling bass. If only the midrange could've been richer, the bass tighter and the treble a bit more balanced hey would make a great mid-range audiophile headphone as well, as I do think the clarity and speed are there. But as they are, I would rank them as a headphone for just rocking out, rather than for analytical listening. If you like your music slammin' without having to deal with a muddiness, they may be for you.

Oh and about the design? I'm not sure. They are not ugly headphones by any means but it's just impossible not to think of Beats or the Ludacris headphones hen you see the chassis, or the red storage box. On the plus side they feel solid (if somewhat plasticy) and look like they could take a fair amount of beating. I'm more and more liking the color-scheme and they do look cool on your head, even though they stick out a bit more than I would prefer.

The choice between a short, non-microphonic cable with remote and a longer, sturdier one for home use is a nice thing as well.

These do not need an amp, you can use them with a high-quality mobile source like the iPad or iPhone and not feel you're missing anything.


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