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Loving my D600s

A Review On: Denon AH-D600

Denon AH-D600

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Pros: Fun, Musical to listen. Smooth and detailed. Very comfy and non-fatigue headphones.

Cons: Bass maybe boosted a tad too much. Ears get hot in hot weather (~33°C)


Here's my D600 out-of-box impressions.
Received only yesterday and paired with the ODAC/O2 as my laptop rig, the bass is the first thing that captures your attention. In some songs, like David Guetta's, the D600 would deliver great and deep bass, slightly more than HFi2400 even, IMO. However, the bass is always nicely controlled and tight, not intruding into the mids. The D600s have both ample quantity and quality bass, maybe boosted in the midbass IMO; but not overly emphasised.
The mids are fine and smooth, but sometimes they lack a bit a bit of volume especially if you have listened to mid-centric headphones; but overall are still smooth. Prefer the mids of my srh1840 in that relation.
Treble is clear and detailed, non-sibilant and non-fatigue. 
Soundstage is deep and good separation. The Imaging is quite similar to that of HFi 2400s are known for IMO.
IMO the D600s are fun, fast attacking and falls into the musical headphones category. The Denons not do sound grainy at all and are detailed and smooth. It shines the most at pop, rock, rnb, electronic IMO.





Hi. Where are the D600s "made in"? China?
Do you think they are sound quality wise on one level with the HFI2400, although they are closed cans and the 2400s are open ones?
Sounds good, I wonder how the compare to the D2000 ?
Would this be a good beats alternative if I pair it up with a fiio e11 or a digizoid zo2?
Have you ever listened to Ultrasone Pro 900? I am trying to decide on my next closed back headphones, and I want something with powerful low-hitting bass. The bad thing I keep hearing about Pro 900's is fatiguing treble. And, I can't find any to listen too in my areas (San Antonio, TX).
The Pro900 has seriously fatiguing treble. I just ordered the Denons.
So I should stick with my beats pro? these look just as nice but I really want to know if it might work out for me if I pair it with a good bass boost amp.
I have a Beats Pro with Fiio E11 (& Cowon Z2). Last weekend, I was asked to "warm-up" a d7100 for a better bass-response, so I had a good impression on the bass of these new Denons. Being used to the massive bass of the Pro, the Denon did not disappointed me at all. I've put the base level on the Fiio e11 on 2 and the gain setting on high. The end result is a set-up that in my opinion clearly beats the Pro. However, after a couple of days I promised myself to truly and directly compare the Denon with the Pro, and after all, it was not worth the investment (and the d7100 *is* an investment). Therefore, the d600 seems to be just right to have a upgraded hi-fi set-up in comparison with the Pros. Still don't like the look though...
@sgistrilink It may not be worth it but was it truly MUCH better than the pros?
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